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Every so often, the kids and I like to call up the sitemeter and see who’s visited us here. The Golfer is a total statistician and loves the graphs of how many visitors from each continent/country/etc. Every time we check how many visits we’ve had, he gets all excited and then says, “Only 6 billion more people to go”, which leads me to believe he’s hoping everyone in the world reads our blog once. So, you know, if you have friends, let them know that are welcome to stop by anytime.

Here’s a few of the places (with mileage away from us) that really stood out to the kids, and got them looking closer at the map…

Colombia Bogot, Cundinamarca 3,007
United Kingdom London, London, City of 4,702 (or, as The Golfer likes to refer to the UK, “Home of the Redcoats”)
Netherlands Emmeloord, Flevoland 4,851
France Billancourt, Ile-de-France 4,895 (or, as The Golfer likes to refer to France, “Home of our allies”)
Estonia Tallinn, Harjumaa 5,049
Germany Ladenburg, Baden-Wurttemberg 5,089 (or, as The Golfer likes to refer to Germany, “Home of the Hessians”)
Czech Republic Praha, Hlavni Mesto Praha 5,251 (I have some great pictures of the Hlavni Mesto area of Prague. Someday I’ll get back there…)
Japan Yachiyo, Hokkaido 5,419 (or, as the Golfer likes to refer to Japan, “Home of the Kamakaze fighters”)
Brazil So Paulo, Sao Paulo 5,673 (Never been, want to go.)
Pakistan Islamabad 7,427 (How cool is this?!)
Sudan 7,678
United Arab Emirates Dubai, Dubayy 7,814
India Bombay, Maharashtra 8,441
I forgot to save one from South Africa…I had no idea it was around 10,000 miles away!


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  1. Montevideo, Uruguay 🙂

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