Something happened on the way to the playroom…

A few days ago, I tucked the Sassy Princess into her bed to take a nice snuggly nap after lunch. I had big plans to clean our playroom, which is always easier to do if she’s sound asleep and totally incapable of coming in behind me to dump out all the containers I carefully organize, fill, and put in their place.

So, I organize, fill, and put the playroom into order.

I then walk by the Sassy Princess room and notice she hasn’t fallen asleep at all. In fact, she’s been working very hard…as hard as I had in the playroom. She’d been busy doing this:

Which is to say, she’d been diligently removing everything from inside her closet and depositing them all over her room. In short, not sleeping at all.

I walked into her room and was greeted with “I’m working, Mamma! I’m just doing my job!” and then she made a beeline for the door. When I intercepted her and announced that now was a good time to go back in and clean it up, I got this kind of body language explanation:

“It’s too bad I can’t help you clean up, lady.”

“You know I would, but I’m just not feeling like it right now.”

“There’s quite a few reasonable reasons as to why I just can’t lift a finger to help in that mess…it’s hard to know where to start.”

“But mainly, it’s just because I’m so stinking tired. I really didn’t get a good nap, you know. And you know how important it is for growing toddlers to get some good down time! In fact, I think I’m going to get some shut eye right here on the stairs. ‘Night Mamma! Have fun in my room! Try not to be too loud…it disturbs my quiet time.”

I did get her to help pick up some stuff. Then she drifted into the playroom while I finished up. By the time I got finished with her room, the playroom had been torn (back) apart in the same manner. All in a day’s work, for both Sassy Princess and me.


5 Responses

  1. I hear ya- we have a bedroom looking like that everyday after quiet time- naps, a thing of the past, which I sorely miss. Good job, Sassy Priness- you make 3 year olds proud! 😉

  2. hehehe….thats my living room which is my playroom…ok, thats my entire house…my house is romper room.

    Its good to know that I’m not the only momma who lets there little ones run around pantless. my guy says…”mom, I just want to be myself” then proceeds to take off clothes.

    Mommys job is never done!

  3. Tracey, I’m sure Miss M. can do some damage while in her room!

    Kathy…at least when your guy runs around pantless, he doesn’t have a diaper on. !!! 🙂 “I just want to be myself”…ha!

  4. Hmmmm. We’ve been going through this as well. I cleaned up the playroom only to go in there last night and find Pringles crushed all over the place like confetti.

    Heaven help us if your Sassy Princess ever got together with my Captain Destructo. The house might not still be standing! LOL

  5. Oh, I love not being the only one!!
    AND, let me tell you that tiger in the first pic looks a little real, threw me for just a moment! In our house, with now three boys and two girls, we’ve had iguanas, monster moths and beetles, parakeets, indigo snakes and what I can’t remember, coming out of our closets!! NEVER swat at something crawling on you in the dark, it may just be the beloved Stink Bug of the day’s catch “P.U.”

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