Tonight was a rather late night due to the double header of “Fearless Planet” on the Discovery Channel, and “Ocean of Fear: The Sinking of the Lusitania” on one of our HDTV channels.

The Naturalist and Golfer climbed into their bunk beds later than usual, and as I walked passed their room I overheard their goodnight conversation. I had to park myself outside their door…their chatter reminded me so much of what my older sister and I used to say when we were their age–except we weren’t such savy consumers.

Golfer: “What do you think Santa will bring you?”
Naturalist: “Whatever it is, it’ll be great! He always brings good stuff…even if I don’t ask for it specifically.”
Golfer: “I don’t think he’ll bring me a video game, that’s more what the Easter Bunny brings. I mean, I’ve gotten a video game every year for 3 years every Easter!”
Naturalist: “Yeah, it’ll be something else.”

Naturalist: “You know what I really REALLY want for Christmas?”
Golfer: “A horse?”
Naturalist: “No.”
Golfer: “Art supplies?”
Naturalist: “No. I’ll tell you what I want. More than toys. More than games. More than anything.”
Golfer: “What?!?!”
Naturalist: “A Tempurpedic bed and pillow.”
Golfer: ….
Naturalist: “Because you can have the best toys and games in the world, but if you don’t get a good night’s sleep, you won’t enjoy them. I need to get better sleep at night. I don’t care if I don’t get anything else…I want a nice, soft, comfy Tempurpedic bed.”

I sat at the door, amazed at what I was hearing. I mean, everyone always says how quickly children grow up, and to enjoy them while they’re young, and to enjoy the passing moments because they are gone all too soon. Until now, my kids have all been young enough and whiny enough to keep me from reminiscing (much) about the good old days. But all of a sudden I realized that my little pre-teen has crossed a threshold between utter kid-ness and young adulthood. It does, indeed, go fast. It was only yesterday, it seems, that she was asking for toys and games. Now, she’s moved on to orthopedically designed mattresses and pillows.

Between that and The Sassy Princess almost out of diapers for good, I’m a little verklempt. After 11 years, it’s strange to think that babyhood is going to be gone from our house very soon!

This Christmas, rather than a bike, maybe I’ll ask hubby for a baby*.

*I kid, hubby, I kid. A bike will be fine. Kinda.


7 Responses

  1. You know…they have memory foam mattress toppers…….I mean it’s not the expensive bed, but still….

    🙂 Funny. My husband bought me a bike this summer and THEN we got pregnant about 4 weeks later…….

  2. Bahaha, a “tempurpedic bed”…what a wise child.

    It does indeed go by very fast. My oldest is 19 and my youngest is 12.

    I can barely remember changing diapers and walking the floors with them. It is a little sad sometimes, but the only alternative is that they stay two forever…NO THANKS! 😛

  3. Mama P – now you’ve started a new urban myth of how pregnancy happens. Kids all over will be afraid to ride their bikes for fear of unwanted pregnancy! LOL

    CP- I want a tempurpedic bed, too. Smart kids you have there!

  4. A Baby! When my oldest found out he said… “So, did you and Pops do that thing you have to do? I mean did you do it today?” He doesn’t seem quite interested in the details yet. He just knows its a “thing” we do. LOL

    Good choice on the mattress. I’d like one to get through this pregnancy with.

  5. Mama P…a bike AND a baby! Score!!! 🙂

    Swiss…”did you do it today?” roflol!!!

  6. […] she’ll be too old to want to play with her dollies in a playhouse and instead ask for a Tempurpedic bed for Christmas….and the deep maternal drive kicks in and I think to myself, “By jove, SHE WILL HAVE A […]

  7. […] she’ll be too old to want to play with her dollies in a playhouse and instead ask for a Tempurpedic bed for Christmas….and the deep maternal drive kicks in and I think to myself, “By jove, SHE WILL HAVE A […]

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