Away In a Manger–Toddler Version

Every other year or so, my mom sends me a nativity set made out of indestructible material that can withstand the forces of being played with by small children and also is large enough to fit into said small hands. Little toddler fingers are so tiny…but have such destructive kinetic energy! Not a problem for sturdy nativity sets. Baby Jesus isn’t afraid he’ll be smashed to bits…he even looks comfy in the (not so tender) grip of my daughter.


We have quite a few, now, and I put them up in different corners of the house. One of our all time favorites is the Resin child friendly Nativity Set Inevitably, whichever of my children is the smallest at the time (in this case, the Sassy Princess) gathers them up and makes a big Nativity Party where all the pieces mingle together. This year, she is intent on making them form one long line.


She’s so careful to arrange them just so!

nativity scene

In the morning, I’ll come downstairs and they’re facing forward, attentively waiting for her to rearrange them. Sure enough, it isn’t long until they’re all in a giant conga line, facing left, shuffling off the table.

nativity scene

But wait! What’s this? Something’s a little….odd. I have this feeling that something just isn’t right here. What could it be?


Is that….a tiger? It IS! A huge, man eating tiger stalking our manger scene!

manger scene

Someone better tell Joseph he might want to move a little further up the conga line, STAT.

First Snowfall

Imagine our surprise when, a few days before Thanksgiving, we woke up to 4 inches of snowfall on the ground. That’s the thing about Colorado weather–you never can tell what’s going to happen at any given moment. Just ask the Halloween pumpkins still on our porch!

“Dude, did you know this snow was coming?” “No, dude! Did you?” “Hey, Dude! You’ve got a little snow hat on your head!” “Dude! They need to bring us some scarves. I’m not used to working in these kind of conditions.”

It was a tough call for the kids…go immediately outside to play, or drink a little deluxe hot chocolate with breakfast and leave the snowball fight for later. They decided the snow was too good to pass up, so the snow clothes were brought out and snow boots were put on. The Sassy Princess was the first one out.

I could tell she only had limited memories of our snow from last year, so it was a new curious exploration for her. While the older two went to work making snowballs and creating little ice igloos, the Sassy Princess walked around investigating ‘cold’ and ‘ice’ and ‘snow’ and ‘really, really cold!’.

I spent my time investigating the rose bushes that were, until the snowfall, still producing flowers.

Once we had our fill of the outdoors, we came back indoors to enjoy a little treat in the form of our favorite drink.

Life is good!

“Dude! Can you see them inside, drinking all that hot and toasty chocolate?” “Yo, dude! That’s cold! Or, hot. It’s cold in it’s hotness!” “So, dudes, do you think they’ll offer any of that to us?!”