Handmade Christmas, Part 2

Or, The Stringing of the Garland.

I love garland. I love evergreen garland, popcorn garland, cranberry garland, apple garland…anything strung in a line is what I love!

But there’s one kind of garland I love more than anything else.

Fruit Loop Garland.

fruit loop garland

Of course, you must understand, I am the girl who read “Hansel and Gretel” and though to myself, “Hmmm, nibbling off a real, lifesize candy house makes almost getting cooked in an oven TOTALLY worth it!” I still think that. One day, when I have so much money I can use it in frivolous ways, I will decorate my house to look like a real gingerbread house for the holidays…inside and out. But for now, I can’t be too frivolous, which makes fruit loop garland perfect. All you need is a big, cheap bag of grocery store fruit loops, some yarn, some tape, and someone reading Christmas stories!

Yarn, however long you’d like…usually 4 feet at a time is good for adults, 2 feet is good for kids.
Big econo size of fruit loops (or whatever the store brand is called).
Tape or glue…to make stringing the yarn easier, wrap some tape around the end, or dip it into glue and let it dry.

Set up someone who isn’t stringing to read stories to those who are stringing. In our case, this is Hubby.

pour cereal out and give everyone yarn.

start stringing!

and stringing!

and stringing!

don’t forget to eat some along the way!

By the end of the night, you’ll have something that looks like this:

which I think looks perfect on a tree. It gets me one step closer to my real life gingerbread house!