Snow? What snow?

In anticipation of the snowstorm on it’s way here tomorrow, I’m going deep undercover and pretending it’s summer again. Pretty sad, considering it’s not ever officially winter yet…but I’m a cold weather wimp. So, I’m reminiscing about the trip to Minnesota I took with my kids, my mom, and my sister’s 4 kids.

Warm weather + cold lake = happiness!

Good day:

Great day:


5 Responses

  1. Still want me to post more pictures of the ice storm? 😉

  2. Yes please! The fact that it’s not pics from outside my door make it alright…plus, ice is pretty!

  3. Ok I finally got them up. I took them on Thursday BUT the ice is still just as thick today! Gah.

  4. Lovely— hope we can do the same in 2008.


  5. Tiff,

    Next summer let’s take a trip to Browns Valley. You can take pix– you have an eye.


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