Opposites Attract

Me: on the left.
Hubby: on the right.

Yin and Yang doesn’t even begin to describe it. He’s #1 logical…I didn’t even get that on the board, my scores were so low. I’m extroverted, he’s introverted. What’s that song…”You say to-mah-to, I say to-may-to…”. Well, instead of calling the whole thing off, Hubby and I thought it would be a hoot to get married!

To quote from Seinfeld…”He’s the bizarro me. I’m the bizarro him.”

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We’re perfect together…if we can just keep from driving each other crazy!


One Response

  1. Oh this is fabulous!!

    I just posted my results in my sidebar the other day. I saw it on someone else’s blog (can’t remember where anymore, I read and click so fast sometimes!).

    I’m an ISTJ like your husband. In the past, I was pretty even on the Feeling/Thinking scale, but I’ve gotten way past that mushy side of myself. LOL! Better have a logical reason for your whining/crying or you won’t get much compassion from me! *evil grin*

    On the multiple intelligences test, my top 3 were musical, visual/spatial, and logical. No wonder I have 3 visual/spatial kids (my husband is one too!). I think he is an INTP on the Myers-Briggs, so not my opposite, but enough so to make me nuts. šŸ™‚

    By the way, THIS time I clicked through to you from the Living Math board! Such a small world. I have to go add you to my bloglines NOW because I keep forgetting to do that.

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