Christmas Activities

I can’t believe there are only 3 days left until Christmas!!!!!

I may or may not be ready…I’ve had to take precautionary measures and hide all the kids presents at friends house, because The Naturalist makes it her life’s work to ferret out every hidden present at my house. She doesn’t do it obnoxiously…more like, “Hey, Mom, I was out in the garage, and I noticed a ball was 20 caught feet up, so I climbed the ladder to get it and noticed something covered with a blanket, so when I took the blanket off to get closer to the ball I found a […..] So, what is that? Who’s it for?!” Now I have random presents squirreled away at a handful of houses and I have no idea what is where–I really should have written it down. Maybe I’ll send the kids out for a Christmas scavenger hunt around the neighborhood. Christmas morning, they can knock on random doors, hold out their hands, and ask, “Please, sir, do you have a present for me?”

We’ve had a full week-before-Christmas, which is exciting and exhausting all at the same time. Here’s a narrated pictorial of some of our pre-Christmas activities:

Sending off the last of the packages. I used the flat rate envelope/boxes so I could prepay on the USPS website, pay and download the postage, park illegally in the jam packed parking lot while I whipped past the 34304958034958 people in line, endure dirty looks and under the breath comments because I’m pushing past everyone so I can lay them out on the counter because *remember* I’ve already paid, thank the heavens that the USPS offers that service and run back out to my car because people are ready to start throwing their packages at me.

Making lots of coffee cakes, muffins, and rolls…just like this Jelly Coffee Cake which I love because one time I can make it with strawberry jam, and the next time I can switch it up with Blackberry jam instead. It’s like my holy grail of coffee cake. Feeling blue? Add raspberry jam. Adventurous? Try Peach jam! The possibilities are endless!
coffee cake

We also took some time to decorate our gingerbread houses:
gingerbread houses
gingerbread house
gingerbread house

High on sugar fumes we also decided to decorate our nails to make them fancy for the holidays…the Sassy Princess really gets into this, which is interesting because she’s usually pretty…uh….indelicate. But now we’ve all got fancy fingers!

But best of all, The Golfer, Naturalist and I went to The Molly Brown House to have a nice evening tea party with Teddy Roosevelt, followed by his lovely reading of “Twas the Night Before Christmas.”

Teddy Roosevelt