Christmas Eve in the House!

We’re all* very excited chez Child’s Play! Tonight’s the night!

I already know what Santa is giving me this year…a massive, Holiday worthy case of PMS. In fact, he already delivered it a few days ago! Yeah!

And FYI, here’s what not to say to a PMS’ing woman a couple days before Christmas: “Hey, I want you to enjoy the day…let’s have Boston Market for Christmas so you don’t have to work hard in the kitchen!” Because, while that is a kind and tender thing to say to a rational, appreciative gal, it makes a hormonally imbalanced woman feel pissy (but doesn’t everything). In fact, chances are good that it will make her say things like, “What, you think Boston Market is better than my roast?” and “I’m going to work hard anyway, why don’t you just appreciate it” and “I cook three meals a day, you don’t think I can handle one dinner?” And then, when she goes out to the grocery store, it may lead her to assume that if Boston Market is an acceptable dinner substitution, then why not just get bean dip, chips, sandwich meat and call it good. Which is why we’re going to have a meal more suitable for a Super Bowl Party than for a celebration of our Lord’s birth.

My dad is visiting for the holidays, and he and hubby deserve hazard pay for navigating Christmas with me this year.

Luckily, while at the store buying nacho cheese dip and Lay potato chips for the Christmas spread, I also bought massive amounts of cookies and chocolates, so that may improve my mental state a great deal. We’re going to hand dip Oreo’s in chocolate and leave them for Santa…I’m sure he’ll understand if I take a few for myself.

I wish everyone out there a very merry and happy Christmas…And if you don’t celebrate the holiday, I wish you a fun day of uncrowded movie theaters and malls. (Did you ever see the Saturday Night Live animated song when all the Jewish people in NYC come outside on Christmas day and celebrate a day free from all the gentiles? Classic!)

*Sassy Princess is NOT excited for Santa to come tonight. She’s convinced he’ll come down the chimney when everyone’s sleeping and hide out in the Basement waiting to scare her when she comes down for her presents in the morning. Needless to say, she isn’t looking forward to that at all.


6 Responses

  1. Hey, that’s what I got for Christmas too! šŸ˜›

    Hubby is hiding in the basement wrapping presents…or so he says…I think he’s just trying to avoid my hormones.

    A very Merry Christmas to all of you.

    How’d you make out with the new pet dilema?

  2. Wow! I hope that everything turned out alright and your PMSing subsided a bit. šŸ™‚

  3. Oh no, he did NOT suggest getting takeout on Christmas.




  5. As usual, medicinal doses of chocolate saved the day and my sanity. šŸ™‚

    Julie–that’s exactly what I said! LOL…I knew you’d have my back.

  6. Boston Market for a Wednesday night quick dinner – Good.

    Husband suggesting that your goddess-like culinary skills were not needed for the biggest dinner of the year? BAD.


    (I got the same present as you and Sheri! In fact, I just polished off a huge helping of leftover sweet potatoes while reading this. I find all that beta carotene really helps. Well, its either that or the massive quantities of butter and sugar….

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