Over so soon?!?

Can Christmas really be over? No, I can’t accept it! I’ll stay in denial until January rolls around and we wear out the new toys.

Christmas Eve was a beautiful, silent night…full moon, snow on the ground, hot chocolate in the house, christmas carols being played and chocolate oreo’s being dipped.
dipping oreos

I love looking at the brightly lit tree in an otherwise dark house!
christmas tree

Then, all the letters were written to Santa…what the Naturalist’s lacks in punctuation and spelling she more than makes up for with pizzaz and her salutory “Happy Ho!Ho!Holodays!
christmas letter

The Golfer added a page on to give Santa a chance to write back to him.
letter to santa

We tracked Santa on the NORAD tracker and found him in Charleston, SC. Golfer thought it would be smart to get into our rooms, shut the door, and lay low now that Santa was in the US. Sassy Princess was true to her word, and when she found out the big man was on his way, she made a beeline into her room and didn’t come out the rest of the night. I can’t remember the last time the kids were ready and motivated to stay in bed by 8:30 pm! Go Santa!


Bright and early, before the sun rose, the kids assembled in our room so we could all walk down the stairs together. Sassy Princess didn’t want to leave the upstairs bed for fear of running into Santa Clause hiding under a table or something, so hubby carried her down. Naturalist was under the tree organizing the presents to give out to everyone.
under the christmas tree

There were tender Christmas moments between a Sassy Princess and a stuffed animal:
christmas presents

There were victory yells for gift giving done well:

And in the end, there were two rodents that made their way into our family. Can you guess? Gerbil, Hamster, or Guinea Pig? We were up in the air and all over the place trying to figure out the perfect ones for us, and the decision went down to the wire! I’ll introduce them properly tomorrow, but give you a little hint….