Thanks Santa!

While dipping oreo’s in melted chocolate and writing letters to Santa, The Golfer wrote down a short and sweet sentence. No long lists for him…he just wanted two things this year:

Namely, the video game ‘Heatseeker’ for the Wii, and ‘so I won’t be sick.’

The Golfer is a born worrier, and it’s quite natural for him to think of all the negative possibilities that might happen (like getting sick on Christmas) and then try to make sure they don’t. So, this preemptive move to avoid sickness seemed like he was just being hypervigilant.

Christmas day came and went. The day after Christmas he seemed a little listless, two days after Christmas he started complaining of a sore throat…today he came down with a full blown something that has given him a fever along with the sore throat. Poor kid. He doesn’t handle being sick well. Unlike the two girls, who will make up symptoms so they can get some medicine, The Golfer shakes and cries and generally breaks down when it’s time for Tylenol.

He’s on round the clock chicken noodle soup to help with the sore throat…I’m watching to see if this is strep or a generic cold, and if it will develop into an ear infection, etc. etc…you know, the fun mom thing where you wonder at what point meningitis comes into play…and as I sit here cuddling his poor feverish head I’m SO GLAD this didn’t happen on Christmas Day.

So, thanks Santa! Oh, and also…

Hope it was a good one for you! It certainly was for us. And, thanks for Heatseeker.


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