Frosty Mugs

Back in 2001, when we lived in Las Vegas, I ended up with a glass mug from A&W. Best known for their rootbeer, the fast food chain also sells hamburgers, hotdogs and a variety of slushy drinks involving their soda. I think it’s a primarily West Coast thing, because I don’t recall seeing any A&W stands in Kentucky (circa 1994) or Georgia (circa 1997) when we lived there.

Anywho…we have a glass mug from 2001. It’s the most favorite cup we have. We all scramble to wake up first to claim it for breakfast. At any given time during the day, you’ll find us jockeying for position to use it. The clear reason for this is that we store it in the freezer, and when we take it out of it’s nice cold home then we have a perfectly frosty mug. And when we have a perfectly frosty mug, then we have an ideal place to mix our chocolate milk. And pour our soda. The liquid freezes to the side of the mug and then creates a super frozen slush that serves to cool the drink without watering it down with ice. See how the chocolate milk has frozen not only on the inside, but also down the outside?

frosty mug, A&W rootbeer

For all these 6 years, we’ve been fighting over the mug. And then it dawned on me…why not get more?! Why not get more for Christmas? So when my Dad asked what hubby wanted for Christmas, I knew just what to say…enough mugs for all of us! I could already see them all huddled together in the freezer (the mugs, that is) waiting for their big chance to get all frosty and cold. And, best of all, no more in-house fighting over them!

frosty mug, A&W rootbeer

Just look at this beauty…when they’re in the freezer the glass is clear, but when we take them out they get all cloudy and frosty and perfect for any cold drink. All that for only $2.50 a mug! It’s one of the simple pleasures in life.

So how cold do they get? Cold enough to freeze the handle, like this…
A&W rootbeer, frosty mug

Which is why we have a special drawer full of dishtowels, ready to wrap around the handles to keep our hands from getting frostbitten.

A&W rootbeer, frosty mugs


Now excuse me while I go mix myself up some slushy chocolate milk.