The Sassy Princess was clear about what she really, really wanted for Christmas this year. A dollhouse and a Holiday Princess Barbie. Those two things have been the constants in her 3rd year of life, and while other interests have come and gone at the speed of light (“I want an orange! No, not an orange! I want some milk! No, not some milk! I want to color! No, not color! I want to dance! No, no dancing! I want to….” ad naseum, 24/7.)
these two things were brought up every day, right before bed.

“Mamma! Tell me a story about me, a princess, and I get really little and go to live in my dollhouse! My new dollhouse! My Christmas dollhouse! And I live there with my dollies and we have a big party! And I’m very, very little!”

And when she says it, she looks at me with a sweet smile and a sparkle in her eye…much like she did when we went to Disneyland earlier this year…and I just melt. Melt, I tell you!
Sassy Princess

And all I can think about is how she is almost certainly our last child, and this is almost certainly our last Christmas with a 3 year old in the house, and how quickly time will fly by, and how soon enough she’ll be too old to want to play with her dollies in a playhouse and instead ask for a Tempurpedic bed for Christmas….and the deep maternal drive kicks in and I think to myself, “By jove, SHE WILL HAVE A DOLLHOUSE!!!”

You know, one with little dolly furniture…

and a certain homey feel…
dollhouse furniture

where all her dolls will be able to play in all the rooms…

And, well, we got a dollhouse. My maternal passion may have gone into overdrive, though, you think? Because the scale of this sucker is a little….grandiose….
dollhouse play
dollhouse play

But darn it, this gets me every time!

The upside is that when Sassy Princess is too old to use this for her dolls, Hubby and I can move in and use it for our retirement condo.


6 Responses

  1. Wow! Now that is one incredible dollhouse! And I would also totally melt at that cutie-pie’s smile!

  2. What I wouldn’t have given to have a daughter into dolls and princesses and such.

    As it is, my bundle of female energy was born into a family of males (minus me and her Aunt -my sister – who are not very feminine ourselves having grown up with seven brothers.) and girly girl is just not in our family’s general vocab.

    Don’t get me wrong, I tried. Oh how I tried. I dressed her up in pink and flowers, adorned her room with all manner of pretty things and bows to match and every year for her birthday and Christmas I bought her some kind of doll.

    Nope, she was having none of it. She played with legos and transformers and Super Mario while naked Barbies collected dust bunnies at the bottom of her closet.

    So I will live vicariously through you and Sassy and imagine myself shrinking and attending a wonderous afternoon party at Sassy’s new digs. Shall I bring cake?

  3. She is a girly girl…and the baby…so truly, she is treated like our princess!

    Naturalist has yet to touch a doll. Her favorite game when she was 3 was a pretend frog dissection kit. πŸ˜› It’s funny how different they come!

  4. Oh, the frog. The one with all the internal parts (like heart, liver and intenstines) when fit properly, nestled neatly into the bluish green bubble dome of the book he came in…with plastic tweezers and poking stick to match…that one?

    If so, Emma had that too…and all manner of sciency type bug collecting and looking closely at your world gadgets.

    Nope…she wanted to do what the boys were doing…which was running around like a headless chicken causing destruction for the mere sake of it…well that and legos, like I mentioned earlier.

    It is funny, and even sometimes ironic, how different they come.

  5. That is soooooooooome dollhouse. Joe wants to know if she can reach the top floor. πŸ˜€

  6. LOVE IT! Maddie got a dollhouse, a fraction of that size! But still…Matthew really loves it. He likes how I put a road outside of it for his cars. Matthew got a kitchen, what can I say my boy loves to cook me chicken legs, and peas. (food he won’t eat)
    That really is a nice dollhouse. That little sassy princess…I want to squeeze those cheeks…I got pics from mn developed – yes it took a long time, but I got em, wonderful memories.

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