Wordless Wednesdays–Winter

tricycle in snow

(one wordy note…I’ve been writing and posting these on Wednesday night, but then I realized that it means that most people don’t see it until Thursday, so I wonder if I should write and post them Tuesday night so it’s up on Wed., or should I continue to do it all Wed., even if it means the title may confuse people who start wondering if it’s really Wed. on Thursday? And then I wonder if it really matters all that much, and if I’m being obsessive about it…and then I think of things I can’t decide on, and wonder what I am going to cook for dinner, Spaghetti or enchiladas? And then Hubby comes home to find me standing in the middle of the kitchen, obsessing about all these things, and asks me what I’ve done all day, and then I look at him with a blank look in my eye. I live a very complicated life.)


4 Responses

  1. Mmmm.
    All I can say is…
    I’ve got a bicycle outside that is equally snowed upon, and I keep thinking… I really gotta photograph that….
    I heard that thinking referred to (I certainly do the same thing) as Mopping the Moose.
    “Yup. That sounds about right,” I thought.

  2. I miss snow.

    Other than that, I really feel okay with you posting it on Wednesday. πŸ˜‰ Funny how one obsessive thought can lead straight into another.

  3. Been there. Frozen in time, torn between pot roast and potted plant….. where was I ?? how did I get here??? WHO ARE YOU!?!?!

    (Lovely blog… found you through LivingMath and was intrigued by another Tiff…!!)

  4. LOL, Gorgeous, I see you know what I mean.
    I am loving the LivingMath forum!
    From one Tiff to another, thanks for stopping by. πŸ™‚

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