Wordless Wednesdays–Warm

I know, it’s not Wednesday. It’s not even warm. Since I end up posting these on Thursday anyways, I thought I would just totally go for it and post it a day early, too! Such a rebel.

Mama Podkayne is giving a shout out to the word ‘Warm’ and asking anyone to look in their pics and post something with that theme, then link back to her. So here it is….bringing up memories of days gone by. Actually, this was taken this summer as a self portrait by The Naturalist and me. Self portrait meaning a picture of our feet in the Boulder Creek. It was so hot, and we’d been out selling my soap all day long. Every so often we’d run over to the creek and cool down before running back to sell more soap. It was a fun afternoon to spend together, and OH SO VERY WARM!
dipping our feet into the creek


3 Responses

  1. I was going to play but I can’t get my photoshop to load.

    Love your pic…looks refreshing.

  2. I love this! Great choice!!!

  3. I can understand the “warm” theme, I’m freezing my *** off here and dying for summer to return.

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