“Look Ma! I cleaned!”

Sassy Princess called to me from her room, where she was ‘supposed’ to be napping.
“Mamma! I cleaned my princess house! It looks nice!”
I walked in, and sure enough, her princess shelves looked spotlessly clean and tidy. She did a very thorough job getting all the clutter off the shelves, for sure!

But it was what she did to the rest of the room that left me speechless.

She emptied clothes out of every drawer. She pulled out and emptied every container in her closet. She must have snuck into the playroom to import toys to then scatter on her floor. The thought that one little 3 year old could do this amount of destruction in a short 30 minutes is truly astounding.

Although, she is her mother’s daughter, and I have set a precedent.

I used to sing fun, upbeat, inane songs to set the stage for cleaning messes like this up. “Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere…” and other tunes that attempt to trick the kids into thinking that cleaning up is really very fun! and exciting!

Now, after 11 years of daily messes of this sort, there really is only one song I sing.

“I am not your broom!” on TMBG’s No!.

Now Broom, you must now sweep for me
The dust it fills my room

No, John, I will not sweep for you
For I am not your broom

What nonsense are you speaking, Broom
My words you must obey

Another life awaits me and
I’m leaving you today

I am not your broom
I am not your broom
I’ve had enough, I’m throwing off
My chains of servitude

I am not your broom
I am not your broom
No longer must I sweep for you
For I am not your broom

I substitute “Mom” for “broom”, “Princess” for “John”, and sing “I’ve had enough, I’m throwing off my chains of servitude” with gusto.

I’ve tried to explain the difference between a ‘big mess’ and a ‘little mess’ to Sassy Princess. All that seems to have sunk in is that ‘big messes’ take ‘big work’ so she spotlights her destruction by this disclaimer: “I worked really hard, huh mamma?!”. She’s also successfully done what neither of the other two kids were able to do…stop their naptime before they turned 4 1/2. But she’s determined to recreate that mess every time she goes into her room, so I’d rather keep my eye on her and contain it to a playdoh mess in the kitchen or something.


8 Responses

  1. Oh man. You know I feel your pain, right? I think I would have broken into crazy-person laughter and then run screaming from the room. Kudos to you for taking it so well!

  2. Wow! That is impressive! You’ve got to admit, she did work hard.LOL!

  3. Oh yeah…. I know that mess well.

  4. I have not heard that song, but I’ll be making up my own tune, and singin’ it, you can be sure.

  5. I have not heard that song, but I’ll be making up my own tune, and singin’ it, you can be sure.

  6. Bahahaha…

    Exchange Sassy’s dollhouse for my son’s desk, with no less enthusiasm…”Look Ma, I cleaned up!”

    And sure the desk was in perfect order, neat and tidy and to my suprise, even dusted.

    Yet I couldn’t help but notice the jeans, t-shirts, socks and underwear, dishes (that I thought were lost in our last move), CD’s, PC parts and X-box game cases all over the floor.

    Yay, great…you cleaned up. (sigh)

  7. Wow! Sassy can really do a good job destructing room’s. LOL!

  8. HAHAHAHA – I can’t stop laughing! I woke up to that this morning in MY ROOM – the m&m’s decided to take all the toys from the living room, and transport them to the side of my bed! Momma needs her sleep! But oh do I pay for it…LOL

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