Baby, it’s cold outside!!!

weather map of coldness

Yeah, that’s me hanging out at -6. The day started off cold and snowy and has only gotten colder and snowier.

Today is my scheduled grocery shopping day, and I briefly considered not going out into the negative degree weather…but then I thought of all the carbs, dairy, and pastries that were waiting for me. I bundled the kids up and we made an hour stop at our local rec. center so I could preemptively cycle away at least 180 calories of the 34058304958304958 I was about to buy and consume, and then we hightailed it to the store.

Even walking from the parking lot into the store was harsh, and all the kids complained loudly. Knowing their love for all things battle related, I told them it was just like what the Continental Army faced during the winter at Valley Forge…only they did it without shoes & coats.

Now we’re back and I’m planning what kind of warm comfort food meals I can make. It’s the one bright spot on this cold dreary day!

Looking at the weather map, I’m not alone with this weather…so tell me, what are you doing to ward off the chill?!


3 Responses

  1. Wow, that’s cold even for us up here in the Great White North.

    It was hovering about -17 ( = -4 for you) for most of the day here. But our low for Thursday is estimated to be about -25 ( = -13 for you). And yes, that’s cold.

    Today we baked cupcakes and played the new game we got for Christmas…there’s just something so exciting about snapping all the parts out, unwrapping the cards and examining the playing pieces for the first time.

    It was easy to ignore what was going on outside.

    Stay Warm!

  2. Oh baby it is cold outside. Our wind chills are wicked. We are staying in, drinking tea, and playing music. NOT GOING OUT! Lil’Bug now has the sniffles so going out is OUT!

  3. Chill? What chill? It’s beautiful and sunny here in Vegas. Sad you left? 😉

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