The Battle of New Orleans.

Lego style…

When I charge/load songs onto my kids ipods, I always slip a song or two on there that is of my choosing. At one point I was slipping in songs from Johnny Horton..someone that I wasn’t familiar with until I started dating Hubby. With him being in the Business school, and not being a very English/History focused person, and me being an American History major, we had very little in common scholastically. Except for the times hubby would start crooning a ballad by Johnny, that genius of American History folk songs.

At first, when my kids discover random itunes songs, they react with confusion… ‘What the???? What am I listening to? This isn’t on my playlist?!’ but the power of the ipod soothes them and pretty soon they can’t help but belt out random verses like, “WELL, in 1814 we took a little trip, along with Colonel Jackson down the mighty Mississip…” (keep an eye out for the alligator in the last third of the song/’s Golfer’s favorite part of the song and he loved seeing it reenacted with Legos.)

Other gems I’ve put on there are some Monty Python ‘Holy Grail’ snippets, some 80’s top 10 that I just don’t think kids are being exposed to enough today, assorted ‘Teacher and the Rockbots‘ songs, Princeton Review Vocab minute songs (nerd alert!), Billy Joel songs (What??? He’s not cool anymore??? Not over here!), and always something by U2. Recently, for MLK, Jr. Day, I added “Pride (In the Name of Love)”

They indulge me in this, bless their hearts, and some of my songs have ended up on their top ten! I keep telling them what great taste in music I have…maybe one day they’ll believe me!


3 Responses

  1. LOL again! We too have enjoyed listening to this song as a family! (Well, I can’t say that my dh *enjoyed* it…)

  2. The first little bit, Golfer would announce when it’d come up on his ipod, “MOM! You’ve GOT to take this song OFF!” but by the next week, he said it had grown on him and he’d like it to stay on. 🙂

  3. My 10 year old just made me play the video about a dozen times for him. I’ll bet tomorrow he’ll make another stop motion lego video. He made one the last time I showed him one of these. I’ve been meaning to post it.

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