Science Fun.

If you haven’t already, go check out all the science experiments on the widget at LaPaz Farm. Up till now, my kids haven’t really gone for the ‘official’ science experiments…you know, the ones in a book with directions and certain orders and basic protocol. My kids are more ‘mad scientists’ than ‘in the lab scientists’ at this point. They do lots of things with food coloring, eggs, glue, paper, corn starch, soda & menthos, and various other (messy) things–but nothing that can be duplicated or written out (not that they’d want to take the time to do either!)

But, they have really enjoyed watching LaPaz science experiments, and I’ve taken to pretending that I am watching them do it instead of that cute LaPaz family, because they do things so orderly and scientifically and it’s fun to dream that we at Chez Child’s Play could ever operate like that (hubby excluded, of course. He actually IS all of those things and probably shares the same dream of efficiency that I wish for.)

Well, today my kids dusted off the long forgotten and often tossed aside How to Do Science Experiments With Children. They opened the book, picked out an experiment, and asked if they could put on a science show for the blog. What delightful little fame hounds I’m raising!

The book is for grades 2-4, and it’s the easiest Science book by far for kids to follow IMHO. And, the list of things you need to complete each experiment is pretty basic and common. And so, I present with all the fanfare of someone dealing with a cold…their first ever science video!


7 Responses

  1. Oh, my goodness!!!! That was a fantastic !!!! Well done Brooke and Carter!!! I can’t wait to show the kids in the morning!
    Of course, they are so going to want to know how you added the captions and music. Tech savvy we are not.

  2. Very cool! I’m concocting a plan to show Z my “magical abilities” in the morning. lol

  3. Well done! They make a great science duo.

  4. Awesome. Great job!

  5. I love the music! What a fun thing to do. We’ve taken pictures when we do experiments, but I never thought of videotaping them (I guess it isn’t really videotaping when you use digital, is it?). Great video.

  6. […] you liked this, they’ve also done a “Flip Flop” water based experiment as well as an air pressure experiment called “Air Pressure and […]

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