Bloggety blog.

So much to say…so little organization to say it all, without forgetting, and in proper order!

Ah well. Comprehension is SO overrated in a blog, don’t you think?

Poking into the real world to hang out with other homeschoolers is going well, considering my newly discovered flaw in people skills. There is a community center that just opened up nearby, and a handful of us got together to swim. It was really fun to see my kids playing pool basketball with people besides themselves. “Hey, look! My kids can handle themselves around other kids, and play very well!” which I know, of course, but the old nagging ‘no socialization’ dragon rears her head once in a while. Go figure…I was schooled and can’t sit through a math club without being snarky, and my kids are homeschooled and manage to be much better equiped, socially, than I am at this point.

This afternoon we’ll try out a game day up at a locally owned game shop…BYOG(ames) and play! Golfer is always a bit hesitant to go into a new situation and be expected to make friends and play automatically, so I told him we can bring our own game, show up, play just the two of us and not allow anyone else to join us. “Mom! If someone else wants to play, we can let them!” he laughed. So, we’ll see how it goes!

I’ve been the recipient of some fun, flattering, and cool awards lately, and have yet to acknowlege them and pass them on to other people. (It’s that darn organization that’s betrayed me!) Now, just about everyone I know has been tagged, and I can’t figure out how to copy and paste the darn things into my blog anyway, but I wanted to give a shout out to the people who I love to read late at night when hubby is being lulled to sleep by Seinfeld or ESPNHD.

For homeschooling blogs, I love the following, and it doesn’t matter to me what kind of educational decision they’ve made…unschooling, Charlotte Mason, Montessori, Well Trained Mind, Turn on Mythbusters and Eat Bon Bon’s while the Kids watch the Science Channel…blah blah blah…I respond to people who treat their kids with love, respect, and compassion. That’s what I enjoy most about these blogs:

La Paz Farm
Mama Podkayne
My So Called Homeschool
Ordinary Life Magic
The Road Less Traveled
These Go To Eleven

Here are some blogs that aren’t homeschooling directed, but more about life in general. For these, I don’t care about compassion and gentleness…they just make me laugh. Oh, and they all happen to be compassionate, too.

Here Comes Trouble
Mischief Makers
My Sister’s Blog
My Tiny Kingdom
A View From Here

And the next few show me how to have a rollicking good time in life:

Where The Hell Is Matt?
Escape Adulthood!

And darn it if my linking skills have failed me (personally, I think WordPress is going wonky on me) so I’m not able to link directly, but they are all on my blogroll. I’ll try to come back and fix it when I have some time. (editors note:I didn’t have time, but I fixed them anyways!)

Now I’ve got to go make it look like my house was NOT the site of a new kind of bomb test wherein the bomb removes clothing from closets and drawers, flings toys around the room from every container, and leaves piles of clean clothes all over the floors. Yes, folks, I just got a call to set up a house showing in three short hours. I think Hubby calls up the realtor from work and sets these up just so the house is clean when he gets home.

Wish me luck…


7 Responses

  1. wooow…are you moving? I know that you mentioned it me in the past – I just wasn’t sure if it was confirmed! when you have a chance, send me an email, or hey call me…let me know whats up!

  2. awww….. shucks! you’re so sweet! I like your blog too! Even better than I like my own!

  3. Whoa– thanks for the linky love! LOVE the photos. Trying to improve mine.

    Compassionately and humorously yours,

    Anne Glamore

  4. You can add one more to your collection…I’ve given you an Inspirational Blogger Award. 😉

  5. Ah, I remember those days. The days you found out people wanted to see your house and somehow had to clean it and get the children out of it before they showed up. Thank God that’s over. (Well, for me. Good luck w/ that. 😉 )

    It would not surprise me at all to learn that Hubby does this on purpose for the clean house. Over the years Joe has perfected the “Better clean up quick for xyz reason!” technique (Boss coming over, etc.) of getting me to run around like a crazy woman and presenting him with domestic perfection when he gets home. Men.

  6. You’ve been bestowed again with the Excellent blog award- thanks for making me laugh!

  7. Oh looky! You mentioned MY blog! Thanks. 🙂

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