Love letter.

We’re all in the Valentine’s Day mood over here, but none more so than the Golfer. He’s been leaving messages like this all month on our dry erase easel.

Look at the perfect execution of exclamation points! Look at that form! Look at that well placed capital letter! Look at the proper spelling of ‘have’ and his firm grasp of homophones! Who needs formal lessons when this kind of quality work is being produced?!

It’s enough to make a mom burst with pride.

The big butt thing? We’ll talk about that later.


2 Responses

  1. Emma used to write me love notes like that too. Like you, despite the content (which was often an odorous comparison of me to something like cheese or cat litter – nice eh), I just marveled at the improved penmanship and the proper use of punctuation and grammar.

    Happy Valentine’s Day

  2. my two year old asked to ride me like an elephant the other day.
    Only my two year old can get away with asking me questions like this!

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