February Blah

Word association with February:
Endless winter.

If I were 15 again, I would probably write a depressing poem about the isolating feeling that is February. I don’t have time to brood like that, so I do the next best thing….eat carbs. It’s amazing what depths I sink to while waiting for Spring to spring. I get out beans and a tortilla to make a burrito, and end up drowning the tortilla in melted butter and eating it without the beans. I get out bread and meat for a sandwich, and end up drowning the bread in melted butter and eating it without the sandwich fixin’s. I get out potatoes and meat/eggs to make Rakott Krumpli, and end up frying the potatoes in butter, drowning them in cheese, and eating them with loads of sour cream. Are you beginning to see the pattern? Carbs, butter, and cheese. This is what I’m reduced to.

If I were a bear, and had cooperative bear cubs, I would be deep in hibernation by now.


7 Responses

  1. Um, I’m thinking maybe “reduced” isn’t the right word? 😉

    I hate February too.

  2. February stinks. At least we’re halfway done.

  3. you nailed it my friend – this feb is never ending…can’t wait for spring, or a day without windchills below 0!

  4. I’d comment but you already know how I feel about February.

  5. Well I don’t know what’s the matter with the rest of you. February is my favorite month. :snob:

    (This may have to do with my birthday, and the fact that I’ve never actually lived anywhere with real winter weather. Who doesn’t love a 55 degree sunny February day?)

    Also – your post made me huuuuuuungry. Must. Not. Attack. Potatoes….

  6. Those dang uncooperative bear cubs get you every time, huh?

    I am finding this February worse than normal because we keep getting really cold, then really warm. Just wish that it would pick one and stay there…

  7. Well – at least in me you have a friend who isn’t complaining of 40 or 50 degree days….
    My urge for spring has just begun to make itself known this week – every chance I get, I”m turning my face into the light.
    I’m not edgy and frantic yet – but I can feel it creeping in!

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