(The following conversation was held after a week without Nesquick Chocolate Milk mix. I forgot to pick any up on our last trip to the grocery store, and made the kids wait a week until I could get to Costco to pick up a jumbo-Costco-sized-super-ginormous-345345345 servings per can-Nesquick.)

Golfer: “Hey, Naturalist. Do you think The No Chocolate Milk Crisis is as bad as the Cuban Missile Crisis was?”
Naturalist: “Oh, yeah. Definately.”
Me: “Uh, you guys realize that during the Cuban Missile Crisis, everyone in North America was afraid the Russians would send missiles over and blow up everything in the US, right?
Them: “Yeah.”
Me: “And you seriously are comparing that to going a week without Chocolate Milk?”
Them: “Yeah.”
Me: “And do you seriously believe going a week without Chocolate Milk is worse than an impending nuclear attack?”
Them: “Uh…………yeah.”


Today, Golfer and I were playing basketball at the rec center. The game of Horse was going a bit long, and I needed to pick up Sassy Princess from their kindercare, so I suggested we shorten the game.

Golfer: “We can play ‘Ho’ instead?”
Me: (giggling a little) “OK, sounds good. First to ‘Ho’ loses.”
Golfer: “Actually, can we play to ‘Hor’?”
Me: (dying with fifth grade mentality giggles) “First to ‘Hor’ then.”
Golfer: “You are at ‘Ho’, so this should be a quick game! You’re only a letter away from ‘Hor’!”
Me: (hoping the people that just walked in don’t think poorly of my parenting skills) “Can you shoot the ball now?”

I lost. On the way out, while checking the ball back in, Golfer announces loudly: “We should play ‘Hor’ more often!”


Sassy Princess, while checking out my Library ID card.
SP: “Hey Mom! Look at you in this picture! Your hair isn’t freaky!”
Me: (trying to recover from a bad haircut last week) “Uh, is my hair freaky right now?”
SP: “No. You don’t have freaky hair.”
Me: “Who has freaky hair?”
SP: “Daddy. Daddy has REALLY freaky hair.”


With comedy like this, is it any wonder I enjoy having them home rather than at school?


4 Responses

  1. Dear heavens, of couse the chocolate milk crisis is worse than the Cuban Missile Crisis. Geesh mom!

    As for the hair cut…. I do believe a picture is in order. 😉

  2. Talk about cultural differences (we’re Canadian)…

    Though we’re part of North America and we’ve heard of it, we really haven’t the slightest idea what the Cuban Missile Crisis was really about.

    So for us, it really would be considered a worse calamity to not have chocolate milk…or beer.


  3. Now that is some funny stuff!!

  4. Can we play to “Hor”?

    For the love – milk just came out of my nose.

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