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  • February 2008
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48 hour days.

If days were 48 hours, rather than 24, I think I’d be right on track to getting everything done. As it is, I leave about a days worth of stuff undone at the end of my day, and wake up knowing I’m way behind!

I’ll say one thing for life…it always keeps you on your toes, yes?

So here are the things that are keeping me busy:

Golfer started Scouting. They don’t tell you, when you fill out the forms, that it is a full time job to have a Boy Scout as a son. Getting the proper uniform. Getting the proper uniform all patched up correctly. (A little easier, I must say, now that they have sewless, ironless backing to attach all the badges,etc. I asked the Boy Scout store lady if it were proper protocol to safety pin the badges on, as I did not sew or iron or have the strength in my arms to hand stitch each one on. And voila! The miracle cure!) Then there are the pack meetings, and the workbook, and the Pinewood Derby coming up…it’s only been one month, and I’m exhausted. He loves it, and is doing some really cool stuff…I’m just having to juggle a few more responsibilities into my day.

Sassy Princess has claimed my right arm and hand as her special ‘lovey’. She clings to it constantly, and calls it her ‘Tickle Bug’. As in, “Oh, Tickle Bug! I love you!”, “Come here Tickle Bug!”, “Tickle me, tickle bug!” and while I am accustomed to multitasking, I am unaccustomed to lugging a 40 pound weight around by my right arm-leaving it unusable and an irritable kid who would rather I stop doing anything and focus all my energy on her. I suggested she hug her blankie or get her favorite stuffed animal, but that was a no-go. I invited her friends over to play, and there were issues surrounding whether two princesses had to be girls, or if one could be pretended to be a boy. Drama ensues. The one time I managed to get my hand free she said, “My little toes can’t find their mama! Mama! Mama! Where are you toe mama?!” Sliding her foot across to stand on mine, she squealed, “TOE MAMA! We found you! Awwwww!” and so, while I was free to cook lunch with two hands, I had to walk around like i was in a game of Twister with her constantly underfoot.

Now that the weather is heating up, more and more people are coming through the house to see if they want to buy it. This means keeping it in a pristine condition, ready to be shown to strangers with an hours notice. If February doesn’t kill me, this might. I am not, by nature, a clean freak. I’m not, by nature, an organizational whiz. I am, by nature, laid back, easy going, and unstructured. Lazy, if you prefer to call it that. Hubby is completely opposite and he stresses out thinking that I am in charge of getting our house in ship shape during the day if someone calls last minute. He’s been giving me tutorials on proper cleaning procedure. I am expending massive amounts of psychic energy being hyper aware of the clutter in each room. It’s exhausting! And, it makes me really cranky.

The soap business has taken on a life of it’s own this past month, and while it used to be something I could do at night or during the weekend, it’s become something that demands my attention daily. And, it’s taken over my blogging time here, as I spend effort on the blog there to educate inquiring minds about what is in commercial soaps and bath products. All the ‘me time’ I used to have for a few hours at night has been hijacked by soap. I love it, I want my soap to take over the world, I have big plans for expansion and soap domination…but a successful business is like having another newborn. Disruptive, needy, demanding, and in constant need of attention, only not as cute.

American Idol has taken hold over here. I’d forgotten how much stinking TIME it takes to watch AI in the beginning season. 2 hours Tues. & Wed., then 1 hour Thurs. We are helpless to stay away. It blows our existing schedule to smithereens. Last year around this time the kids and I had been reading a book a week together and then BAMMO! American Idol started, we got our reading time preempted and that was the end of it. Trading literacy for cheesy reality TV show? Check!

I’m burning the metaphorical candle on three ends, as it were.

And now, I must go, because Sassy’s toes have now found my tickle bug and are wanting it to come play with them AND her other hands. And she just announced she’s hungry for breakfast and needs to “go eat some meat!”

4 Responses

  1. Ah, yes, that needy newborn disruption of a home-based business- right there with ya. Mine is in dire need of some attachment parenting, but I’m letting it cry it out in the crib right now. They do grow so quickly, don’t they?

  2. Yes, I’m in the same boat. A is in scouts and I’m doing my darnedest to keep out of it and make it A/Dad time. J is my shadow and he’s driving me batsnot. My business desperately needs some TLC and ain’t gettin’ any, and I need to get soap. 😉 Thank GOD Saturday is MARCH! Woot!

  3. That is hysterical…you make my day! I’m too tired to type more because of my little mischief makers!

  4. Hey! Where ya going? You can’t leave us!!! According to Ann, it’s the cool place now!

    Davis is in his second year of Scouts. We love it!

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