Say my name, Say my name…

As found via The Joyful Mom...

Sinister Abomination from the Sunless Shadowy Yonder

Nefarious Anger-Tempted Undertaker-Reaping, Anthropologist-Lacerating Imp from the Sunless Tower

Grim, Orphan-Lacerating Fiend Enslaved by Rage

Monster Obsessed by Madness

Hideous, Unholy Beast Bound by Yuckiness

Get Your Monster Name

Scary how well it knows us all, isn’t it?


4 Responses

  1. Very Scary.

    N.O.T. J.U.N.E.: Nefarious, Orphan-Torturing, Jogger-Upsetting Nightmare of Emotion

  2. Its hysterical…Little Miss was dead on! That girl intimidates me! LOL

  3. Mom – is pretty awesome too…monster obsessed with madness – gosh is that accurate! LOL

  4. Hehehe, that’s funny.

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