Spring Forward

Did you remember to spring forward an hour?

It wasn’t difficult for me, because I never had set my wristwatch to fall back an hour in October. It’s typically what happens. I don’t want take the time to mess around to change my watch, and then spend the next 6 months mentally adjusting my watch time back an hour. Some would find this lazy–I prefer to think I am staving off Alzheimers by making my mind do extra work.

Interestingly, today I found out that Naturalist has also been mentally adjusting her time backwards since October.

We’re both happy that now we’re back in sync with the rest of the world.


2 Responses

  1. LOL

  2. We don’t change the clock in our bedroom. The clock reads correct now! This morning I woke up and looked at the time, 7:30am. And thought it was 6:30am. LOL

    I just couldn’t understand why I was waking so early!!!! 🙂

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