No More Skittles!

Article about what happens when you buy skittles from another student in New Haven, Connecticut.

NEW HAVEN, Conn. – Contraband candy has led to big trouble for an eighth-grade honors student in Connecticut.

Michael Sheridan was stripped of his title as class vice president, barred from attending an honors student dinner and suspended for a day after buying a bag of Skittles from a classmate.

School spokeswoman Catherine Sullivan-DeCarlo says the New Haven school system banned candy sales in 2003 as part of a districtwide school wellness policy.

I’m really glad to know that there are schools out there willing to penalize hard working, ambitious, honors students in this manner. I mean, really. Today, skittles; tomorrow, crack cocaine.

So, the school has banned candy as part of a school wellness program. I wonder if this wellness program extends to their federally funded School Lunch Program?

The National School Lunch Program that is a large racket, serving an oversupply of meat and dairy at the expense of children’s health? The same program that is underserving fruits and veggies and only spending about $1 per lunch per kid per day?

Chef Ann, the renegade lunch lady, has a lot to say about school lunches on her blog, in articles like this: Are School Lunches Killing America’s Kids?, Bad Beef in Schools, Lean funds keep school food fatty.

I’m guessing that the same people in charge of publicly shaming an 8th grader for buying Skittles are the same people turning a blind eye to the overfatty, undernutritious lunches they are serving every day in the school cafeteria.


5 Responses

  1. Well, you know, how else will they teach him to follow the RULES!? 😛

  2. Good grief. The list of reasons I’m thankful my kids aren’t in school just gets longer and longer!

  3. Let’s hope the kid has a tall irrepressible middle finger for them instead of being shamed by them.

  4. Skittles?!?! What is the world coming to hat an 8th grader would be doing Skittles? I certainly hope his parents consider rehab.

    But seriously, I do wonder what his parents reaction was.

  5. You are wrong June — the rules should be enforced proportionally. It’s arguable that buying and eating candy is an offence at all, never mind one worthy of suspension, stripping the kid of his elective office, barring him from a dinner and so on.

    Justice in important to young people and you are teaching them the wrong lessons by such severe, over the top, nuclear-option type punishments for ‘slap on the wrist’ offences.

    I am profoundly embarrassed that this is a Connecticut town though I can’t say I am surprised. This even tops the incident where a kindergartner, a five year old!, was suspend for packing heat – a tiny pink water gun.

    Update: The school caved under public pressure. His suspension has been removed from his record and young Mr. Michael Sheridan has been reinstated to his vice presidency.

    The parents handled this situation smartly. If it’s anything school administrators and politicians hate its bad press!

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