I am currently in talks with my soap partner in crime to take all our kids, pack up my minivan, and head to Moab, Ut, down to Four Corners, over to Durango, and then back home. Starting date: this monday. !!!

The last time I was in Moab, it was as a newleywed with hubby and another couple. We brought our bikes along to ride on the slickrock trail. Before getting to the trail, you had to go through a 2 mile ‘practice area’, and before getting to the ‘practice area’ you had to go down a ‘pre practice area’ entrance rock ramp. I got halfway down the ‘pre practice rock ramp’, before I became very afraid and started crying. For good reason!

This trail is VERY difficult and dangerous. Do not ride alone, but do not bring along you family, your girlfriend, or anyone that you love who is not an advanced rider. At times it is like riding on the outside edge of a 300-foot high basketball.

So, I found a nice warm rock and got a tan while everyone else rode slickrock.

In any case, I love that part of the country. The geology is unbelievable, and we drive through it everytime we go down to So. Cal. Many of the overlooks off of I-70 in the San Rafael Swell are pretty impressive:

And that’s not even in any of the National Parks like Arches or Canyonlands.

If anyone reading this has been to Moab with your family, I’d love a few ‘must do with kids’ suggestions. I don’t think sitting on a rock and crying is up their alley.


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  1. I love San Rafael, too.
    I love that you’re going along in this flat desert, for me it wreaked of ancient earth, and you can almost feel the dinosaurs tromping around, then all of a sudden there is this huge, unbelievable, almost like the Grand Canyon canyon right there. Big surprise.
    Have fun!
    Now is the best time to go to Southern Utah, to be sure.
    Before it gets too dang hot.

  2. Hey you – we are trying to contact you , we sent you an email…please try to email back before you go on another journey!

  3. The arches at arches national park that you can climb all over and are short hikes. Best memories of that area with my family.

    Capitol Reef is harder to get to but is gorgeous. (Town of Fruita is fascinating.)

    Goblin Valley State park is pretty cool too.

    There is so much to do in that area. Have fun. I’m jealous already. 😀

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