Idol Gives Back

So, I’m trying to organize my way through almost 1,000 pictures taken on our trip last week…that’s my all time high of 200 pictures a day. Thank goodness for digital, where I can view, edit, and (as hard as it is) delete without paying a dime.

I’m taking a break to watch American Idol. Last year it took 20 minutes until we started crying…we’ll see how long it’ll take this time.

Miley Cyrus…I didn’t wear high heeled shoes until I was 16. You’re running around like you have on tennis shoes. Not bad!

Fergie. Ah, Fergie. We TiVo’d this and after Golfer threatened to leave the room, we fast forwarded you. Then we stopped when Heart came out, but then forwarded it again when you started groping yourself and wriggling around on the floor, apparently forgetting this was a family show.

Bono. Let the crying commence.

The Mannings focus on New Orleans. I seriously can’t believe something like Hurricane Katrina happened. Not the natural disaster, but the way it was handled…the aftermath and the absolute chaos & mismanagement. I love how the program highlighted uses play as healing.

David Beckham…so hunky. So smoldering. So…wait, is that what his voice sounds like?

Bono. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

Annie Lennox in Africa, spending time with 4 orphaned boys–the oldest at 15–who’ve lost everyone that could or did care for them. I will never complain again. I will never complain again. I will never complain again. I will never complain again.

Simon highlighting the problem of lack of insurance throughout this country. It makes me want to become a nurse, buy a van, and start driving around. Except I’d never make it through a nursing program. As it is, it took me 10 years to complete my American Studies program in college.

Gloria Estefan…we forwarded through you, too. As Simon would say…”Sorry.”

Sarah Silverman with the Exxon/Mobile executives, focusing on Malaria. Um, excuse me, but shouldn’t Exxon be focused on keeping massive oil spills from happening, and cleaning up the ones that have?

Anyways, Malaria. I see that little baby, Maria, and all I can see are my kids lying there. I’m gonna buy me a malaria net to send to Africa. I will never complain again. I will never complain again. I will never complain again. I will never complain again.

Alicia Keys…13,000,000 African orphans? How is this possible.

Miley, again. I used to love your old, early Hannah Montana songs. The ones about loving your family, being yourself, and having fun! What the heck is this angst driven, boy crazy, high heel wearing, weirdly gyrating stuff? Oh, right. Teenager now. Naturalist used to listen to your old CD all the time…I’m totally OK that she isn’t in to you anymore.

Clay county, Ky., is right by where Hubby lived in jr. high & high school. He brought me back there for the annual Laurel County ‘Chicken Festival’ when we were first married. Never having seen living conditions like that, it’s when I first realized that I was, in fact, spoiled.

The focus on Africa makes me think about what I’d learned about Africa when I was back in elementary school 22 years ago (!!!). I learned about ancient tribes, European colonialism, the Slave Trade, apartheid, famine, animal migrations and the Sahara Desert…but no AIDS, not then. Is it possible that AIDS has completely decimated entire generations in that short time?

Golfer suggested we give ‘all our money’ to the programs. This from the boy that used all his allowance to buy souveneirs at places we visited over the past week for family and friends. When I asked him what he was getting for himself, he said, “I don’t need anything. I was here, and remember everything in my mind. That’s good enough for me.”

We negotiated down from ‘all our money’ to ‘a little bit from everyone’ and managed to donate an amount we’re all happy with.

And…I will never complain again. I will never complain again. I will never complain again. I will never complain again.


One Response

  1. The Golfer is oh so sweet and thoughtful.

    As for David Beckham, I had this 6 month obsession over him when we first moved to England. I started watching Football like a freak and then… well then… I hear him speak and it was all over.

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