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  • April 2008
    M T W T F S S
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Glitter–the bane of my existence.

Sassy found a big, mega sized bottle FULL of multicolored glitter. Not too hard to do around here, now that all the kids crafts & necessary equipment is down at kid level, so it is accessible to them.

There was a time when I had all ‘messy stuff’ up and out of reach, so they had to ask me to get it down for them. This way, I could be on mess patrol and decide when, where, and how things like glitter, play doh, glue, scissors, paint, and markers were used. Glitter, in particular, is my pet peeve. It is light enough to float on the lightest breeze, spreading out everywhere. It has no real purpose, except to get into every nook and cranny within a 10 foot radius. I avoid buying glitter as much as possible for this reason.

Unschooling has brought out my inner Montessori and slowly the supplies have crept downward in my effort to surrender myself to the idea that learning and exploring aren’t necessarily tidy things. And while I don’t see the purpose of glitter, my kids do, so even that has a place in our box full of stuff.

So now, the kids have full access…including Sassy. The same Sassy that hid a big glitter container in her bedroom until 9:30 tonight, at which point she undid the cap and sprinkled it all over her room. On the windowsills. On the bed. On the floor. Over her 345039485039458 stuffed animals. Everywhere.

It sparkled.
It glittered.
It made a ginormous mess.

She traipsed downstairs where I was frantically working on business and roadtrip packing all at once. (Oh, another roadtrip? Didn’t I tell you?!)

“Mama! I used this all up! In my room! It’s all over!!!” she said, while shaking the now empty glitter bottle.

I could tell in her voice this was something she was proud of.

As I struggled between flipping out about the mess, or enjoying her creativity, I stammered:

“Oh! Uhhhh, well, glitter is great on paper…not really carpet. Or anything else in your room. It’s….just…..really, really…..uh…..messy.”

Hubby was in the kitchen with me, and our eyes locked…which one of us was cleaning this up? And, is glitter distribution a punishable offense?

“Mama” she interrupted with a hand on my arm and then sighed, “Mama, it’s just so PRETTY!”

We melted.

I surrendered to the mess I was sure to encounter and thought, “Hold your tongue and share this moment.”

She took me by the hand and led me upstairs, chatting about how it looked like fairies had been dancing, or a princess room.

Sure enough, I walked into a glitter paradise.

Thank you, Sassy, for keeping me from being uptight and much too grown up.

Thank you for sharing the magic of glitter.

10 Responses

  1. As soon as you wrote glitter and Sassy in the same sentence, fairies came to mind. Go you, for sharing the moment. 🙂

  2. Did you get pictures???? 🙂

  3. Oh my Lord, I think I would have had a panic attack! I have a serious (& irrational) fear of glitter and I think I started shaking just reading the subject and slowly realizing what was going to happen. I’m glad that you were able to keep from being “much to grown up”…. I would have not been that strong.

  4. Ah the joy of glitter – luckily I’ve never had to clean up *that* much!!!

    So who did get to clean it up??!

  5. any pics of this art? hehe..

  6. Pictures, sure that would be neat but…

    “…chatting about how it looked like fairies had been dancing, or a princess room.”

    That’s all the imagery I need.

    Kudos to you for not busting a vein, I’m sure I would have, and seeing it through your daughter’s eyes.

  7. Glitter is fun. But I live with 3 boys! Heck, I’m even having another! I think i would have tried to trick all the boys into getting glitter on themselves! *evil grin*

  8. Oh, good for you that you were able to surrender to your daughter’s excitement at the beauty she had created in her room!!

    Like Mama P, I’m wondering if you got any photos!!!

  9. I wasn’t zen enough to get any pictures! 🙂

    I was too busy vacuuming it up, because I also wasn’t zen enough to let it stay like that overnight.

  10. […] have learned a few tricks, though. Last year around this time I posted about how glitter was the bane of my existence. But now, it’s not! Because I found glitter […]

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