Mesopotamia Curriculum Resource

We’re packing for our Mt. Rushmore/Devils Tower trip this next week, which has turned into a bigger deal than usual because we aren’t staying in hotels this time. This trip, it’s KOA Kamping Kabins all week! Some without kitchens and bathrooms! Will I survive! I don’t know!

I’ll leave you with a great video resource on the Fertile Crescent, Mesopotamia, and it’s ancient leaders. I think it should be included in all Ancient History Curriculum.

We’re not really studying this stuff, but that hasn’t kept us from picking our favorite Mesopotamian and storing this good info for later. Naturalist likes Gilgamesh, I like Ashurbanipal, Golfer likes Hammarabi, and Sassy thinks that Mesopotamia is a freaky place and refuses to pick a favorite.

KOA has internet access, so even though I won’t have a bathroom, shower, or basic cable, I think I’ll still be able to update. If you haven’t heard from me after a few days, you’ll know I’ve turned to dust after undergoing major internet withdrawl.


4 Responses

  1. Way to make my day! LOL

  2. Enjoy your trip. We’re tentatively planning a driving trip out west for fall. That’s one of the places we hope to go!

  3. Devils tower? Cool! Are you all watching “Close Encounters” to prep for the trip?LOL!

  4. Well, Hammurabi has that cool emo haircut, but you can’t beat Ashurbanipal for a fun name to say out loud 3 times fast. So, I vote for him.

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