Up I-25 in Wyoming.

Wheeee! Free internet at KOA, even waaay out here in Wyoming!

We’ve made it here. First we packed the kids in like sardines so we wouldn’t have to use the Thule on top of our car–a small way to account for taking a roadtrip when gas prices are around $4.00. At least without it, we’re more aerodynamic.

As we drove northwards up I-25 in Wyoming, we realized the snow hasn’t even come close to melting. In fact, a storm blew in yesterday and left about a foot of new snow on the ground.

7 hours later (after a stop at the bookstore, hamburgers at Wendy’s, and turnovers at Arby’s) we finally see it! Devils Tower! The KOA kampground, where we’re staying, is literally at the base of the Tower. It’s an amazing location and quite a view from our Kabin!

We had just enough daylight left to let the kids run loose on the playground. See the Tower in the back?

Now we’re off to drink hot chocolate and tell scary stories in the dark!