Checking In

I have to make this fast–the kids are gathering firewood and then I’ve got a night of s’mores, jiffy pop, hot chocolate, and snuggles lined up until 11 pm. Then, we’ll all try to sleep in freezing temperatures with only the most basic of blankets to warm us. Somehow I didn’t figure this equation correctly: Rustic Cabin + Early May = below freezing nights. And so, I’ve left us a little underprepared for the chill. Tonight I’m layering all my clothes on and then adding Sassy and Naturalist on either side of me. They’re squirmy, but they’re warm!

So far, this trip has been a dream! Devils Tower was amazing. I’ve loaded some pictures onto flickr but of course have 200 more. Mt. Rushmore was just as great the second time. Custer State Park was so beautiful we’re going back again, and Jewel Cave was top on our list of great things we’ve explored. The season has only JUST begun in these parts, and so everywhere we’ve been has been really low on crowds, which has let us really enjoy it without a crush of people around.

I only have time for uploading a couple pics. The first one is golfer showing the overall emotion of our trip so far:

And the last one I like to call “Flaming ‘Mallow” in honor of some pretty spectacular marshmallow burnings that we do before we get the right one to put on our chocolate & graham. Sassy is the best at burning ‘Mallows, and she’s proud of it.

Tomorrow we have another full day planned…