Napoleon of the Stump

And…we’re back! We left a couple days early, due to the freezing temps at night and Hubby’s need for his own personal bathroom rather than the KOA one. However…4 National Parks in 4 days, not to mention tons of camping fun, means that we are back home tired, happy, and fulfilled.

While I’m sorting through pictures and washing stuff that Golfer threw up on today (MY blanket! Why is it always MY stuff that is on the business end of his vomitous wrath?!) I’ll leave you another snippet of aforementioned Golfer. It’s rare that he asks me to take his picture, but when we got to our campsite, he started yelling, “Mom! Take a picture! Look at me! I’m James K. Polk, Napoleon of the Stump!”

My American Studies heart leapt for joy. And, I thought of another reason why I love They Might Be Giants. They inspire kids (and adults!) all over to appreciate our “austere, severe” 11th President. Golfer listens to this song on a loop when we’re in the car, and at night before bed. He watches videos that other kids make with it on YouTube.

And yes, this makes 2 TMBG video posts in one week, but what can I say? We’re obsessed. And on lots of long car rides, which means listening to this over and over. I even heard Hubby humming it under his breath, and he’s not fully on our TMBG bandwagon…yet.

In any case, I think Golfer makes a cute Napoleon of the Stump. Even when making faces like this:


4 Responses

  1. He makes a great Napoleon of the Stump. 🙂

  2. What is They Might Be Giants?

  3. That pic of you and the kids “at the base of the tower”…

    Wow, you could be their older sister…you don’t look anything “Mom” like.

    As for the video – which I love btw…

    Did you know that Polk was president while Caroline Quiner – Laura Ingalls Wilder’s mom – was a kid. I’m reading about it now.

    Love the tie in…and I’m not even American.

  4. […] on June 17, 2008 by childsplay Golfer checked out a book about ““>James K. Polk (blogged here) from the library, and tonight we sat together before bed and read it. We never know what kind of […]

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