The Color of Place.

My lovely friend over at A View From Here wrote a great blog talking about terroir, which is a ‘taste of place’. Since I had no idea what this was until she wrote about it, I’ll let her explain it in her own words:

This is the subtle taste that comes from a place– why different regions in France have wines that taste differently because of the soil, the slant of the sunlight, the microclimate. Perhaps why a Colorado peach is so peculiarly good. I’ve been told that there is no place on earth where the vegetables taste as good as those grown in the Red River Valley– and that maybe they are especially nutritious.

We are learning the taste of this place. Our chickens, eggs, the water. When we moved here I kept using the Britta water filter pitcher that my mother in law left us. Now we drink straight from the tap (and yes the waters been tested and is good). The water has a distinct flavor– even strong sometimes of iron.

This got me wondering if there is a word for ‘the color of place’. Because there is something about the color of Colorado that I start missing when I go anywhere else. I know that this isn’t the only place with fields, clouds, lakes, mountains, and trees…but there is something so distinctly different about the colors of those things here.

The green of the grass next to the blue of the sky and the pastel of the clouds. Not to mention the red of a barn…

Historically speaking, lots of men came here for the gold and silver mining. For me, the treasures of gold lie in the wheat harvest.

Some days, all the colors combine to make a heavenly place.

Does anyone else associate a specific ‘color’ palette with where you live?


3 Responses

  1. Ah, yes. Don’t forget the sunsets in CO. Storms also have a unique feel. There’s also something about the air that is different.

    Iowa, also has a special feel and color. So does Illinois. Iowa is a transition from Nebraska to IL and feels that way too.

    Still, even with our “worm stink” and hog lots, the smell of the dirt is something special if its healthy! šŸ™‚

  2. I agree! There IS a color to Colorado, a flavor, that I don’t see anywhere else. The colors are crisper, somehow. The sky is certainly bluer than in Chicago and Iowa. It’s also a feeling in the air. Mmmm…
    And I know that barn… šŸ™‚

  3. Ha. Yeah the colors I associate with Vegas happen to be brown, beige, tan and dirt.

    With a splash of City Cement Grey and Asphalt Black for good measure.

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