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Tornados–what the hail?

I’m sitting here under a tornado watch. Seriously. This afternoon a storm cell blew through here depositing big marble to golf ball sized hail, which set off car alarms and carpeted the ground in ice.

The kids put on their bike helmets and ran out to investigate. While outside, Golfer pointed to a HUUUUGE, enormous, biggest storm cloud I’ve ever seen. It wasn’t even a cloud, really, just a roiling boiling mass taking up half of the sky.

The kids tried to talk me into going out in the minivan and being storm chasers…I was more focused on getting lunch on the table, and as I herded them inside I remarked, “You know, that’s right in the direction that Dad went for work today. We should call him!” But one thing led to another and I didn’t think much more about it.

Obviously, I haven’t grown up with tornados because I didn’t even turn on the news. I did keep looking out the window thinking, “Man, it’s nasty out there” not realizing that funnel clouds were being spotted not 10 miles away.

Hubby called a little bit later to ask me questions about why the road they were on was closed, but the reception broke up and I didn’t get where he was or what he was talking about.

He busted through the door a couple hours later asking if I’d seen the news…which I hadn’t…so he gave me a firsthand report of what was going on 30 miles north of us. The convo went something like this (I added the pics coming in from our local news station, to give a glimpse of what Hubby was talking about):

Hubby: “Did you hear about the tornado?”
Me: “TORNADO?!?”
H: “!!!!!!!!!!”
Me: “Did you see it?”
H: “I was about 3 miles away from it, right outside of Windsor. That’s where I called you from!”
Me: “!!!!!!!!!!!”
H: “!!!!!!!!!!!”
Me: “What did you do? Did it get close?”
H: “Well, the weather was getting bad, and we’d gotten off I-25 towards 34 when we stopped to eat lunch at ‘The Sour Pickle’. By the time we walked back out, everything was torn up.”
Me: “Wait, did you say you ate at a place called ‘The Sour Pickle?”
H: “Not the point!”
Me: “Sorry! Go on!”
H: “They’d closed 34, and trees were uprooted everywhere. Cars were on the side of the road with glass blown out and all pitted on the outside!”

Me: “!!!!!!!!! Is that when you came home?!”
H: “No, we skipped looking at the property in Windsor and drove up 25 to Ft. Collins. The weather was really bad, still.”

Me: “!!!!!!!! Is that when you came home?!”
H: “No! We continued to the second property!”
Me: “!!!!!!!! Then what happened?!”
H: “We got to the second property and the guy said, “What are you doing here?! A tornado is coming through!” And THAT’S when we drove home.”
Me: “!!!!!!!!!!! Are you telling me you almost bit the dust in a place called ‘The Sour Pickle?!”

It’s just been surreal.

This tornado was huge and has done a significant amount of property damage. Remarkably, and thankfully, the casualties are small in comparison.


6 Responses

  1. Wow! The bubbling boiling sky is what we had the other night (the pic I posted). There were tornado warnings along the path of the storm, but not in this immediate area (though there were severe storm warnings). Glad everyone was safe!

  2. !!!!!! So glad you are all okay! Natural disasters are NOT fun. And are you serious- The Sour Pickle? Ha!

  3. It is specifically because I grew up in CO that I am overly cautious about tornadoes. 🙂 Something about those open plains against the wall of mountains (and difference in pressure/temp) really knock out some whopping storms. Beautiful though, tragic.

    Glad you are all ok!

  4. If I am to meet an untimely demise, I can only hope that it is in a location half as amusing as The Sour Pickle. What an obituary that would make!

  5. You must live right around the corner from me. That storm yesterday was wicked bad. My poor son was under his desk and under lockdown for an hour yesterday. I’m just so thankful that it wasn’t worse. Glad your hubby is ok…and I have to agree with Catherine…The Sour Pickle would be an awfully amusing place to meet an untimely demise. 😉

  6. […] tonight. Also consider that 2 weeks ago we drove through a tornado warning in Wyoming, and had a terrible tornado pass through not 30 miles north of us, and I’m starting to wonder if my kids can actually channel their awesomely powerful kinetic […]

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