First Kiss (or, what happens when you feed a giraffe by mouth).

Naturalist got her first kiss today, and let me just say he was a real animal.

“Hey Babe! Come gimme some sugar!”

It all started innocently enough while we were visiting the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs. They have an amazing African Rift exhibit where you get up close and personal with the giraffes.

Giraffes are very soulful.

So close, you can feed them wafers by hand!

Giraffe tongues are long!

It didn’t take long for Naturalist and I to fully exploit this opportunity. Why feed them wafers by hand when you can stick the wafer out of your mouth? (I’ve found that we unschoolers really stick out in a crowd, yes?)

Giraffe tongues are very sticky.

Some may call this gross. And they’d be right! But, you can also call it way fun.

Feeding Giraffes by Mouth.

For those who want to know…giraffe tongues aren’t really wet, just very velvety. The strings of spit may be a turn off, as well as their breath and foot long tongue, but their eyes will get you every time.

Or, not.

Giraffe tongues are very twisty.