Tales from the road.

I know it’s impossible to believe, considering we’ve only recently returned from Mt. Rushmore, but I am blogging from the road again. This time, back in Moab.

I think I have some kind of sickness that makes travel compulsory? I mean, I’ve always loved to experience new places, but ever since the kids and I started unschooling I’m some kind of travel freak. It’s not easy, with $4.00 gas prices, but we stay at KOA Kampgrounds and eat ramen noodles all week, so it ends up working great. If the choice is between being on a tight budget at home, or being on a tight budget camping outside of a national park, I’ll take the latter.

We’ve been here less than 15 hours and already it’s been fab. Last night, Naturalist rescued a lizard that she watched a group of kids step on…she created a little habitat for it and aside from having half it’s body crushed, it lived through the night in relative comfort. She got up first thing this morning (6 am) to check on it and get more heather for it’s ‘nest’. The kids and I went to a astronomy gathering last night as well, and were able to see Saturn, Mars, the Hercules cluster of over 250,000 BILLION stars, and the Ring Nebula. It was so cool. The stars out here in Moab shine like millions of crystals in the sky…we hardly need a flashlight, and that’s without the light of the moonshine.

Golfer also woke bright and early….with a nosebleed. And then he hurled off our porch, creating a nice reveille for our camping neighbors. I tell ya, every trip there will be vomit. I never know when, or how much, but only that it will be when I least expect it.

It’s 8 am now, and about 75 degrees outside. I’m swinging on a pine bench swing listening to birds and watching the sun rise over Arches. All in all, not a bad way to start a Sunday!


2 Responses

  1. Ooooh! Sounds heavenly! Except the barfing part.

  2. See…I told you I am catching up LOL! I think that wander lust is something that you are born with or not. I personally have no huge desire to travel…hence our place at the beach! We still get to get away, but we are still “at home”. Not sure what it is, but traveling just seems overwhelming…too much planning, too many decisions to make LOL! Not sure what is wrong with me… 😉

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