Travel Buddies.

So, this trip to Moab we are traveling with my nieces and nephews, a la the Great Minnesota Trip of ’07.

Mom and I had such a fun time last year that we decided to make it a tradition. While my sister and (ex)BIL work, my mom and I whisk all the kids away for some cousin bonding time.

It seems to be working! Here is Sassy flanked by two of her cousins.

Now that they’re a year older, they interact in a much more meaningful way. Less bicker, more sharing. It’s been very nice.

“You’re so great!” “No! YOU’RE so great!”

Here’s my mom trying to wrangle all the kids together to take a big group picture.

But hey, who’se missing?

She’s obviously not ready to come down from the Double Arches yet. If I make a wrong move, she’s ready to crawl into a small cave and wait it out if necessary. Ah, Sassy. Always keeping me on my toes.

But finally, we DO get the cousins all together for a fun little picture before retiring back to the KOA for a little S’mores and snuggles. My sister and I did a pretty good job of covering all the ages with 7 kids between us…(drumroll please…) 4,5,6,8,9,11, & 12.

Tomorrow morning…an 8 am hike with the older kids up to Delicate Arch. I haven’t been there since 1994. I bet it doesn’t look a day older…just like me. 😉


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