There have been two things that have bothered me for the past few months. No, not the fact that I can’t cook non-rubbery chicken, or that I had to go up a shirt size when I bought new shirts at the outlet store due to my arms getting fatter (wth?!?), or that my car looks like it’s housing a herd of packrats inside.

No, the source of my discontent has been two seemingly unrelated (but I’ve now discovered they’re so related) photo problems. Firstly, that the photos I upload from iphoto for my blog header are always pixelated and blurry (as I’m embarrassingly sure you’ve noticed). Secondly, the photos I upload from iphoto to my flickr account are smaller and blurrier than the originals.

At first, I thought my camera was to blame. I started yearning for the cool Canon Rebels that almost everyone I know got for a christmas/mother’s day/birthday present. I channeled my inner 15 year old and whined to hubby, “But ALL my FRIENDS have one! It’s sooo not fair! They can all tell that I don’t have one, too, and it’s SERIOUSLY affecting my LIFE!!!” But he just directed me to all the bills I incur on my travels around the country and it stopped me from complaining anymore.

But then I started messing around on flickr, and found a Canon ELPH SD600 group and their pictures were so amazing. So, it wasn’t my camera. It was me. Or my Mac. But in a faceoff between human error and computer error, my Mac wins every time.

So then I started harassing people in the flickr group by leaving them flickr messages like this, “Hi…I can’t think in full sentences, let alone upload my pictures the right way…can you help a sleep deprived mom out?!” and bless the internet, a few people responded and totally fixed my problem!

Apparently, when using a Mac, if you upload pics by going iphoto>data>year>jpg, then you pull up the application data picture which is smaller and blurrier than the original. To get to the original picture you go iphoto>originals (or, ‘modified’ if I’ve used the adjust panel to modify them in any way)>year>jpg. This uploads the original, big, crisp, wonderful, amazing picture as I intended. This also is the case for uploading pictures for the blog header. As you can see, I now have a sharp image in my header. You can almost see the giraffe slobber all over Naturalist’s face! Perfection!

Now that I have that little glitch fixed, I’m obsessing over the 700 inferior pictures I’ve already uploaded and labeled. Just like the mess of a closet that Hubby can’t see but can sense 3 rooms away, I’m haunted by the thought that all those pictures are sitting there, willy nilly, taunting me with their substandard existence. I mean, I have a lot of really important things I could be doing around here…do I really want to take up any of it to reload pictures that I’ve already got up there?

No, no I don’t.

I’ll just suck it, and start uploading them the right way from now on.

But with the smaller, crappier uploads I can’t get a bigger image, like this one I properly uploaded:

Which is nothing like the even larger image you can link to if you click on the picture of Sassy’s self portrait. Can you feel the sass?!

Decisions, decisions. It would help if I could just get 8 more hours tacked on to my 24 hour day. Anyone know how to do that? In exchange, I can tell you how to upload pictures from iphoto into flickr….


4 Responses

  1. Look at those lips!!! I love it!

  2. If I knew how to get another 8 hours onto a 24 hour day, I’d be one rich woman. LOL!
    I thought I saw giraffe slobber… 😉
    And I just need to learn how to USE my camera. Then maybe I’d take (decent) pictures. 😉

  3. Another 8 hours? You mean, as long as Hubby and the kids are asleep or comatose, right?

    Otherwise I say who needs another 8 hours a day of feeding, cleaning up after and heeding to the beck and call of others?

    But if you mean 8 extra hours to have a shower, make a cup of tea, read a few chapters of a book, blog, have a leisurely lunch, maybe watch a movie, blog some more, listen to my favourite album, catch up with an old friend over a two hour dinner, come home and have a bath, crawl into bed to read some more and then fall asleep…

    Well, then I’m all for that and say we should set up a committee to figure it out. 🙂

  4. I can sense the SASS!!!
    LOL! I love that pic – its an awesome upload.

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