I :heart: IKEA

When Hubby and I lived in So. Cal. while he was finishing his MBA, we lived a few miles away from an IKEA. As luck would have it, when he did a semester abroad over in Budapest, we lived a metro ride away from another IKEA–this one was bigger and even better. It’s where we got the high chair that we put in our flat for Golfer. If you’d like to know what it looks like to walk around in a foreign country and try to read signs, link over to the Hungarian IKEA website. You’ll see why I got my first migraine after only a few weeks there! Beautiful language. Bitch to learn.

Long story short, I thought IKEA would always be there for me. I took for granted their meatball lunches, and their lingonberry jam, and their assorted bargains in their home decor departments. And then…we moved to Colorado. I didn’t know, IKEA! I had no idea you weren’t in every state.

Fast forward 2 1/2 years, a I hear that Utah has an IKEA (!!!) so I jump on my sisters graduation invitation in Provo so I can load the kids in the car and hit up the best store of all time.

And behold, I did eat the meatball lunch with the lingonberry jam. And I did drink the lingonberry soda, and eat 3 of the delish wheat rolls with butter, and I did partake in the buying of the inexpensive yet swedish made bedding.

my new sheets.

I found a duvet cover, a quilt (reversible!), and pillows all for 1/2 the price of just one duvet cover that I had my eye on. Score! And the kids love to hang out on it because it’s so comfy! Double Score!

just chillin'

And…oh…what’s this? The kids are so comfy on it, they bum rush me in the middle of the night to sleep in my IKEA pimped out bed…one kidlet on either side of me.

sleeping kids are so....quiet!

Triple score! Everyone knows that kid sleeping noises are the most meditative of all sounds.


10 Responses

  1. I love lingonberry juice so good!

    We have two Ikeas – I have one Ikea just a short 30min drive – jealous?!…I too have a duvet cover from them – a simple white one…that I love.

  2. How did you escape the bed and leave them sleeping?

    I was just talking to someone about Ikea Sunday. She had this cool little tiny cutting board with a knife attached to it. We were camping and I thought it was the greatest thing ever. Ikea is about 45 minutes from here, and with gas prices as they are, it isn’t someplace I go often, but I’m thinking a trip in the near future is needed.

  3. Gasp!!! We don’t have an IKEA in Oklahoma either. I saw one while in California for my son’s surgery, but never made it in there. Now my interest is piqued; I’ll have to make it a point to go there when we return to Cali for surgery # 11. My son LOVES meatball lunches.

  4. IKEA…oh, how I loves me some IKEA. So ticked off there’s not one in Colorado. My parents are driving here from Chicago next month and bringing me a bookcase. 🙂 Man, I wish there was one here!

  5. I love IKEA. My state does not have an IKEA, yet Chicago has TWO in one city. Our drive is 130 miles or so to get to one. In insane Chicago traffic/construction, so we rarely go. Sigh.

  6. No IKEA here either. It’s a travesty I say. WHY was I not informed of this all those years back??

    The bedding looks wonderful… so conducive to napping…..!!!

  7. First of all, gorgeous photos. Second we don’t have an IKEA either and that sucks. I need that bedding! Seriously. hand it over and nobody gets hurt, okay?

  8. Sorry, I deleted your e-mail by mistake, and couldn’t get it back in order to reply. My son was born with stage III microtia & atresia (no ear or canal) so he’s been having surgeries to create him an ear canal & outer ear. A doc in Houston screwed up and put his “new ear” in the wrong place, so he had to have it removed and redone. That and a skin graft complication is why we are on surgery #11. Thanks for asking, my boy is looking forward to the meatball lunch!!!

  9. Ikea is 30 minutes from me. Very dangerous store to my budget. Love the meatballs, lingonberry jam, and their jam cookies have ruined me for other not as good versions.

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