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  • July 2008
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The White Dress Effect.

When Hubby and I decided that we’d spend July 4th up at Fort Laramie National Historic Site for an old fashioned, 1876 celebration, I knew one thing for sure.

Sassy would wear a white dress.

I could just picture it. Literally, I could forsee all my pictures with her floating around in a white dress against the plains of Wyoming, against the red, white & blue decorations, against the Platte River, running down the dusty pathways…I blame this all on an obsessive love of every episode of ‘Little House on the Prairie’ when I was younger. When I pictured myself as a mom, I pictured me as Caroline with a handful of girls in prairie dresses running around on a farm.

Oh yes, the dress must be worn.

Well, the dress must be worn if Sassy was in the mood to wear it.

And also? Red, white and blue ribbons in her hair. And? Carry a flag in her hand. And! Mary Jane shoes!!! It was at this point that I shook myself out of my reverie and reminded myself that I’m talking about my daughter, not a doll. So, I backed up to just the dress.

I think our early morning, 7 am departure made her reaction time slow, because when I put the dress over her head she didn’t fight it. I packed along sensible shorts and a shirt in case she changed her mind, but so far so good! I pushed my luck a *little* and put her hair in french braids since the other thing I’ve always wanted is to have a girl that actually likes me doing her hair. Sassy didn’t mind that either, miracle of miracles, so off we went to Wyoming.

She wore the dress the whole day! And I took tons of pictures. Because someday, when my memory fails (in about 4 days), I will look back at these pictures and remember Sassy as a sweet girl in a white dress with braids in her hair. I’ll see these pictures and forget her asking me for help and then getting frustrated and yelling, “I CAN DO IT’ while yanking away again. I’ll forget her turning the following things into a competitive sport : eating first, getting down the stairs first, drinking water first, peeing first (and quikest), putting on our shoes first, etc. etc. “I WIN!!!!” she says triumphantly. “You LOSE!” she says just as triumphantly.

But the White Dress Effect makes her sassiness and attitude fade away in a blur of green and yellow prairie grass, blue skies, root beer, and blueberry scented kisses.

White Dress

4 Responses

  1. Lovely.

  2. Classic and old timey! And it was CLEAN! ~faint~
    I miss driving around WY, MT and Colorado….
    Got your e-mail and I will try to reply asap!

  3. Me too, big “Little House” fan. Always wanted to dress daughter up in a Prairie dress and bonnet. Alas, mine is not a girly girl and trying to get her into a dress after the age of five, always ended up an ordeal.

    Sassy looks just gorgeous in hers! The braids are a great touch.

    Awesome pics.

  4. […] Oh, our 4th of July up at Ft. Laramie..that was a fun one. I reminisced about Sassy in her white dress: […]

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