Jealous, much?

When Naturalist was born, a plan was set in motion. It would take almost 12 years to come to fruition, but patience is always rewarded.

The plan was hatched in the mind of my mom, who started planning a grandma/granddaughter getaway for just the two of them. First, she had to wait until Naturalist was potty trained, and out of the terrible twos (which was more like the terrible 2’s -5’s for Naturalist), and able to carry her own luggage, and spend a week away from home without getting homesick, and not whine very much…

My mom decided that this year, with Naturalist turning 12 in a month, she fit all the requirements and so they whisked themselves away for the past week. All Naturalist had to do was pick the destination. It was a tough choice…anywhere in the USA…so many places!!!…but she finally settled on Hawaii.

Off they went, with their matching Hawaiian print bags and smiles on their faces. I was happy and excited for them as they left.

But then, I started getting pictures in my email like this:

Surfing, Hawaii.
Naturalist, surfing for the first time!

with quick notes that said, “Hi Mom! I’m going surfing now! I’ve been playing on the beach all day! Bye!”

And now, I’m only feeling one thing. Pure, unadulterated, jealousy. J-E-A-L-O-U-S-Y.


11 Responses

  1. Is it ok that I’m jealous too?

  2. How super-cool for Naturalist!!! I don’t blame you, I’d be jealous too; I mean come on, it’s Hawaii!!!

  3. What a cool thing for a grandma to do!

  4. Wow! She is sooooo lucky. She knows that, I’m sure.

  5. Exactly. Wow, who would want to miss something like that. What a huge grandma thing!

  6. Grandma ROCKS!!!! and i’m jealous too…LOL!

  7. you and me BOTH! I sooo want to learn to surf (and it’s likely not going to happen!) She looks like a natural up there 🙂 and yay for Grandma.

    Besides the jealousy, are you missing her terribly?? or just enjoying being a mom of 2 for a week?

  8. OH you know I’m jealous. It was a year ago that we spent a month there. And surfing… oh surfing.. Wow, naturalist looks like, well, a natural. So happy for her and grandma too. I can almost smell the hawaiian air. And the sun is so warm.

  9. OMG How flippin’ awesome is THAT???

  10. Ok, is it wrong that what I’m jealous of is that someone took away your eldest for the week?

    (It’s possible I’ve been alone with my children for too… damn…. long…. )

  11. What a fabulous time for the Naturalist. I want to go to. I wonder if I’m too old for my grandma to take me. 😉

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