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  • July 2008
    M T W T F S S
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Princess Camp.

This past spring, Hubby and I made arrangements for the summer camps the kids went to this year. Wolf Camp for Naturalist, Basketball Camp for Golfer..and, uh, nothing for Sassy. Really, what kind of camp does a 4 year old need?!

Sassy patiently sent Naturalist and Golfer off to their respective places and then announced one day: “I can’t wait to go to MY camp! My VERY OWN camp! Just like Naturalist and Golfer! It will be a PRINCESS CAMP and I will have SO! MUCH! FUN!!!! When is it? When do I go?”

Hubby and I looked at each other and mouthed, “Oh, crap.”

I started mentally preparing a princess craft day full of crayons, beads, tulle, and tea cakes…knowing that it wouldn’t come close to whatever princessy camp ideas she had floating around in her mind.

And then, like a gift from heaven (or from Walt Disney himself), Hubby found a Princess Art Camp at our Rec. Center. We registered, and Sassy is there as I type. This morning she got up, got dressed in her Snow White dress, and I whisked her away to Princessland. She joined the other tulled out 4 year olds whirling around a room full of princess puzzles, tea sets, crayons, feathered boas, and books. She ran in and didn’t look back, even when I said, “Bye! I’m leaving now! Bye!”

This is a good week to be a princess!

Disneyland PrincessSassy at Disneyland, 2006