Raindrops keep falling on my head.

This week? I feel like I’ve been followed around by this huge raincloud over my shoulder.

Storm cloud over Arches National Park, 2008

I’m sure everyone has had this kind of week before, right? (Right?!?) It’s like you wake up Monday morning already 10 hours behind and with half your brain function available.

And while I’ve enjoyed this week very much, it’s also been an up and down kind of experience.

For instance…my MIL who I adore and want to come live right by me because she’s just. that. great. came out to visit for a week. !!! Yay! She takes one look at Hubby and announces how great he looks. (and he does!). She turns to look at me and exhales once before announcing, “You look WIPED OUT!” and “Really Tired!” Which I do, amen to that. Ever since my last hairstylist gave me pixie bangs and a bad color, i’ve been hesitant to get my hair done again. But alright, I get the hint. Brow wax and hair cut…coming up.

The kids and I have been looking forward to the Cheyenne Frontier Days since spring, because the Thunderbirds were scheduled to come into town and put on a show! And, there was an air show all day with other planes the kids were dying to see! Except, I remembered the date wrong, and thought it was today when really it was yesterday. We missed it, and I had to confess it’s all because of my faulty memory. Heartbreak, anyone? Mom guilt, anyone?

It turned out to be a blessing in disguise, though, because I estimate that right around the time we’d have arrived at the airshow, Golfer would have started puking up a lung. Because yesterday (the correct airshow day) he woke up weak and sickly. MIL, who is a nurse, asked how often he wakes up feeling sick to his stomach and I told her off and on for about a year. In response, I’d started my own modified solution…less processed foods, less dairy, less high fructose corn syrup. As Golfer started puking, I suddenly worried that maybe he’s been pre-diabetic all along and was about to go into a diabetic coma. A few frenzied and guilt ridden hours later, we were back from the emergency trip to the doctor’s office. Verdict: 24 hour stomach bug. No diabetes or hypoglycemia. Mom guilt averted.

I think I cursed Golfer with the stomach bug because back on Sunday, when I was supposed to teach a class in Sunday School, I wanted to get out of doing it but didn’t have a good excuse. So, I lied and said Golfer wasn’t feeling good (I think there is a special ring in hell for people who LIE to get out of SUNDAY SCHOOL.). And then, 3 days later, he was struck down with the stomach flu. Sorry golfer.

Mom guilt back again! Because while he’s not diabetic, he is getting stomach aches and queasiness during the morning/day/night. Verdict: Kid stress and anxiety. The doctor advised, “We see this a lot in kids who are perfectionistic and worry prone.” Even Golfer had to admit that was him to a T. She went on to say how common it was in kids in 3rd grade, involved in sports, and who were prone to anxiety. I didn’t mention we didn’t even go to school, or do ‘grades’ or ‘testing’. She sent me off with a sample packet of kids Tums. Good heavens. I have apparently birthed the most genetically engineered anxiety prone kids. I prefer to consider it a sign of extreme giftedness rather than an effect of my highly neurotic nature. Although, come to think of it, I’ll just consider my highly neurotic nature a sign of incredible giftedness, too! Mommy guilt, still here.

Sassy missed a day of Princess Camp because I forgot about it.

Instead of reading books at night with Naturalist and Golfer, I’ve been sending them to bed early so I can watch more episodes of the first two seasons of Heroes.

I bought more cereal so we can have that for lunch and dinner, rather than cook anything else. I’m so uninspired in the kitchen lately.

My veggy garden. It’s pitiful. I don’t even want to talk about it. Naturalist’s green beans and herbs are thriving, though!

Golfer has a baseball double header tonight, and I’m thinking about loading up on donuts and soda to keep the rest of us from whining about spending 4 hours at the field.

So….I’m really ready for Monday to come around again, so I can start over and try again.


5 Responses

  1. We’ve all had weeks like that – hang in there for the weekend!

    And I have a MIL who monitors my hair the way the CIA should have monitored Al-Qaeda.

    And boys who get tummy aches when they’re upset (just like their momma) and I feel so guilty because I know they got that from me!

    Take care.

  2. I knew your life wasn’t all gum drops and lollipops! Sorry you had such a rough week. My mil is coming out tomorrow morning…not thrilled. She has grandma guilt, but I have to deal with it!

  3. Oh, what a similar web we weave!!!! Mommy guilt, memory problems, jinxes, anxiety, GIFTEDNESS!!! If the little one is napping when I get home from work today I will try and e-mail about that INFO you asked about!!!!
    If I can remember!!
    Hope this next week is a smooth one for all!!!

  4. Don’t worry about the veggies, we think we’ve figured out why our tomatoes are AWOL this year. No bees. None. Basil looks great, and the I don’t think we could kill the rhubarb and brussels sprouts if we tried, but I doubt we’ll get many tomatoes. No bees. Go check your garden.

  5. Oh – you totally cursed the Golfer. I’ve done it to Jonas before. “Sorry – Jonas was up all night last night with a fever. I’ll have to cancel that whatever it is that I really don’t want to do but couldn’t figure out how to say no when you originally asked me.”

    Two hours later the puking began. Ah, karma. You bitch.

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