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  • July 2008
    M T W T F S S
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What’s my age again?

I was chatting with a group of 9 year olds over the weekend, and we started into a discussion about what they get grounded for, and what they get grounded from doing. It took an unexpected turn and I ended up feeling like I was born in the early 1800’s.

Kids: We get grounded from playing video games/watching TV/talking on our cell phones.
Me: Cell phones?! You have cell phones?
Kids: Uh, yeah. So, when you were 9, what did YOU get grounded from?
Me: Riding my bike…playing outside with my friends…that kind of stuff.
Kids: So, you could still play video games?!
Me: They didn’t have video games back then.
Kids: …
Me: As in, they weren’t invented yet.
Kids: Oooooooh! How sad!!! But, you could still watch TV?
Me: Well, there were only, like, 7 channels, and the only time cartoons were on was early Saturday morning. So, I didn’t really watch TV a lot.
Kids: !!!!!! So you were basically already grounded without even being grounded! How sad!! What did you do for fun?!
Me: Because cable TV and video games weren’t around yet, I didn’t know what I was missing, so I wasn’t ever really bored. I mean, I had this great bike and I was so popular because my bike had a RADIO on it!
Kids: …
Me: A RADIO!! And I was the only one who could ride a bike AND listen to music AT THE SAME TIME!
Kids: …
Me: Because ipods hadn’t been invented yet.
Kids: !!!!!!! How OLD are you?! No ipods?! Did you even have PHONES back then?!
Me: Yeah, we had phones back then. Jeez.
Kids: Did you have your own cell phone?
Me: Well, no, I mean, they weren’t invented yet either. Or cordless phones. So, I would be connected to the wall by a cord when I talked on the phone.
Kids: …
Me: And then I dialed the phone without using push buttons. There was this rotary circle and I’d spin it around depending on what number I wanted.
Kids: …
Me: OK, then, lets move on because this discussion is depressing me.

I’m only 35, people! It’s not like there’s a century between these kids and me, but I swear I’ve never felt more like 90 than I did talking about all that stuff. I didn’t feel as old even when my 10 years younger sister asked me how I could have possibly found directions without mapquest.com, or books at the library without a computer search database.

Oy vey. Now excuse me while I take my fiber pills and go eat some prunes. I’ve got a bingo game to go to in my covered wagon.