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Pain in my neck. And back. And legs…

First, is anyone else having a hard time *not* buying the People magazine with Angelina, the twins, and some dude on the cover? I almost had to gnaw my own hand off to keep it from throwing the mag. into my cart. I promised myself not to buy crap like that unless going on a plane…but…it’s…so….hard…to….ignore…

And now for the meat of my post. How to deal with lower back pain that then radiates down into your legs and up into your middle back/neck. I have this happen in a moderate amount every time AF shows up, but this month I’m going on 2 weeks of pretty significant pain. For whatever reason, I’m not alone in this, as Denise and Julie have been dealing with it too. From Denise’s blog I learned about Arnica for back pain, so I’m off to go find some. It can’t hurt, because I’m already feeling like my back is in the firey flames of Dante’s Inferno already.

I have found success with a few stretching yoga exercises that I will share in hopes it will help someone else out there. Feel free to leave a comment with whatever suggestions you have for back pain that I haven’t mentioned so I can try those things out, too.

*I had hoped to post videos right on the page, but they all are unembedable (is that a word?). They refuse to be embedded. It makes for a boring post, but whatevs. The links are all virus free and come with my recommendation for putting a damper on lower back pain.

Threading The Needle is amazing. The lady in the video keeps saying ‘this stretch is miraculous’ and I totally agree. I do this morning, noon, and night and whenever I can feel my back tightening up.

Modified Alligator Pose is also amazing for loosening up my back and stretching it out when it gets to the point of spasms. Just go slowly!

Yoga Spinal Massage is what I do when I get up in the morning and go to bed at night. It calms my back down and it’s hard to stop because it feels. so. good! I also take my legs and move them around in opposite directions (one goes clockwise, the other counter clockwise) for a while. Just do this alone, or hubby will interpret it as a mating signal. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Here’s a link to another video and some good info on sciatica pain. These stretches are also on my repetoire when my back gets messed up. I’ve found that my pain starts in my sciatica nerve, and if left untreated it moves upwards into my neck and then my middle back. I alternate every 2 hours between advil and tylenol when it gets really bad, like now, and also sleep with a pillow between my legs like I did when pregnant.

I keep reading that I should see a doctor if the pain is just as bad at night as it is in the day or keeps you up at night. Is this true? Does anyone have back pain that just *goes away* at night? Because mine is a 24/7 kind of thing, but I really really don’t want to see a doctor at this point. A chiropractor, maybe, but we just blew through a buttload of money fixing our sprinklers/taking the kids to the pediatrician/driving around with $4 gas prices. I just don’t have the funds at this point. So, I’m existing on tylenol/advil, stretches, and oodles of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

I haven’t tried the Jesus Pain Handkerchief yet, but it seems to work miracles (pardon the expression)…


5 Responses

  1. About a year and a half ago I was *out of commission* with serious back pain. I found this voodoo chiropractor dude who fixed me up in no time with pretty minimal cost. And his approach (“flow” chiropractic) is gentle and pain-free. (No back cracking!) LMK if you want his name and #.

  2. Ohhhhhhhhhhh Nooooooooooo!!! Not you too. Back pain SUCKS. Really.

    After trying a few different psychos, um, I mean facilities in the area, I finally found an alternative acupuncture/acupressure person that has helped me a lot. I went from not being able to sit. stand. bend. walk. (really) to still having some pain but being able to stand and sit for short periods of time. Meaning it is getting better so I have high hopes for next week! šŸ™‚ She has me drinking raw kombucha and using heat. Regarding your monthly back pain, I just discovered (today) massage for the belly for women that is to help relieve a lot of those issues.

    Yoga usually helps me too – but this time I couldn’t even put on my pants let alone do a pose – crazy – but have some of those to help me once I get to the point where I can move more. Usually helps so much!

    Oh. Fish Oil. I’m taking that too – supposed to reduce inflammation in joints, helping pain. Has to be high in omega-3’s, I was told, to get that effect.

    I’m rambling – sorry. šŸ˜‰ Just finally able to sit more than 3 minutes so I’m typing away… Ha. Good luck – it is so hard to have back pain especially with kids and life and all the mom stuff too…

  3. I have a great chiro and a great acupuncturist if you need names. Chiro is in Lafayette, acu in Boulder (where else, LOL!). Chiro saved me when I had nasty back pain after A was born.

  4. Dude. When that People finally makes it’s way over here (soooooooon. I hope.) I am TOTALLY buying it. And I will feel no shame. :snob:

    Well, maybe a little shame. I mean, I’ll certainly be hiding it from Joe…

  5. Get thee to an osteopath…mine has worked magic on my back and I can’t wait to get back to him after the summer to finish things! He does extremely gentle manipulations and the results are incredible. And he is an MD so I can get partial reimbursement.

    Thanks for the videos…I have been looking for new stretches to try…

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