I’m sitting here sorting through the pictures from Hubby and Naturalist’s latest climb up a Fourteener. When I upload the pictures I’ll write a post called “How to Climb Mt. Bierstadt and Get A Sudden and Scary Case of Acute Mountain Sickness!” which will make for an interesting and dramatic story.

In the meantime, I’ll share a great little science resource from the people over at The Wild Classroom. They call themselves ‘Ecogeeks’ and they have great podcasts available on their website and through itunes. I downloaded this Alpine Tundra one for Naturalist and she loved it so much she went ahead and downloaded 36 more. My computer memory is hating life, but it’s for a good cause. If you are interested in knowing more about the climate at 14,000 feet–what she and Hubby are looking at and feeling like way up high–check out the vid.

I’m so excited, because Naturalist and Golfer both have birthdays in 2 weeks, within a day of each other. I’ve found, like, a gagillion free and fun podcasts like this one, and for their birthday I’m getting them a joint video nano ipod loaded with all their favorite podcasts, videos, and songs. It will be their own portable classroom…and just one more way to bridge ‘learning’ and ‘fun’.

They will be so surprised! Golfer has been saving up the past 6 months so he can buy one. When he gets it for a present, he’ll not only be happy for the gift, but that he now has 6 months worth of savings to use in other ways.


3 Responses

  1. Ok, that was odd. The preview box said this: “Altitude sickness, also known as poop on a stick acute mountain sickness (AMS)” and um, the link it went to said wikipedia said, “Altitude sickness, also known as acute mountain sickness (AMS), altitude illness, or soroche, is a pathological condition …”

    Poop on a stick? WT?

    Sorry, it must be some weird wikibug.

  2. OMG, I see it too! “Poop on a stick”…roflol. That is some seriously random wiki craziness, right there.

  3. I miss mountains. When I lived in NM I went up the mountain to hike ALL the time and visited Taos to hike a LOT too. So flat here!!!!

    I had some altitude sickness when I first moved from Illinois to Santa Fe. We pulled in and started unloading the moving van the same day without any acclimation on a super hot day in July. NOT a good idea. Then my new employer took us on a rigorous hike up the mountain by the ski area. Wow. It is not a good feeling for sure.

    We love our video ipods. We have so much on them…movies, all our music, podcasts, photos, shows.


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