Friday Random

*I just bought airplane tickets, so it’s official! Mid September, I’m heading to Chicago to pick up Ashley, load a van up with our soaps ‘n stuff, drive to Columbus, Ohio and sell sell sell at the Country Living Fair. These girlfriend roadtrips are my favorite, even if they’re a lot of work. Anyone in the area?!

*The kids have been training for triathlons this month…even Sassy! Tomorrow Golfer and Sassy will do this one at Boulder Reservoir, next weekend Golfer and Naturalist will do a local one at our Rec center. They’ve been training so hard. First they measured out how long a mile was around our streets, and then they’ve biked and run around it to see how far they can go.

*I went to work out a couple days ago, even after looking up at the sky and thinking, “Hey, that’s strange!” due to some freaky looking clouds rolling around the sky. I drove through driving rain, because never let it be said that I’m not dedicated to my physical fitness (ha!) I got 5 minutes into my warm up and they announced that a tornado had been spotted, so everyone was ordered into the locker rooms. I hung out there for an hour, wondering at what point the roof was going to be pulled away and the buffeting by the metal lockers would commence.

*I can’t stop eating Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. Working out is burning calories, yes, but it’s also making me, to quote Queen of Shake Shake, ‘eat like an asshole’. I just don’t see how this is working out very well.

And now, I am off to ride bikes with Sassy. In preparation for the triathlon, she just got a new, big girl bike with training wheels. No little baby bike for her! I think yesterday she rode that puppy 5 miles around our subdivision. All our neighbors heard was a bell clanging and a girl squealing. In any case, she’s trying to convince me to leave Naturalist and Golfer (who are still sleeping) and go bike riding with her. “But I don’t want to leave anyone here without us!” I exclaim. “But mom! I’ll be with you! It’s OK!” “But we need to eat breakfast first!” I protest. “Noooooo! Bike first, THEN eat! Bike first, THEN eat! Bike, then eat! Come on Mamma! Come Ooooonnnn…”

She’s very persuasive, that girl.


3 Responses

  1. while in chicago if you have time – maybe I can go that way…

  2. I’m working out too, but still cave at times and eat like an asshole. But the number of times I do that is less and less, so I’m slowly but surely seeing a change on the scales.

    They say permanent change isn’t immediate, so maybe this slow loss is a good thing. That’s what I’m telling myself, at least.

  3. The call of a new big-girl bike. It cannot be ignored. 🙂

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