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  • August 2008
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Olympic Fever

Days we’ve watched the Olympics: every.

Number of televised events we’ve watched: all, thanks to TiVO. Sometimes we fast forward.

Number of times I’ve teared up on the personal spotlights: 8

Biggest tearjerker so far: tie between the 9 year old boy who went back and forth to save other classmates after the earthquake, the son of the 33 year old gymnast on the Germany team who was diagnosed with leukemia at 5, and the runner carrying our flag in the opening ceremonies who had escaped from being a lost boy.

Amount of Cherry Garcia ice cream I’ve hovered while watching: I’d rather not say.

Number of times I’ve leapt up and started jumping on the bed while yelling and clapping: 8

Number of times I covered my eyes while watching the women’s gymnastics team in the qualifying round: 4

Number of times we paused and rewound the finish to the men’s 4 by 100 swimming final, where the USA beat the French (who vowed to ‘smash’ them) by .08 seconds and only after an amazing push by Jason Lezak: 32

Number of times we paused and rewound the video of Michael Phelps yelling Jason Lezak on, especially the part where he jerks his head up to see who had won (priceless expression!) before he started screaming again: 1233424234039458039584

We. Love. The. Olympics!!!!

4 Responses

  1. wasnt the relay amazing! I screamed – it was great!

  2. Waah! I miss our tivo. We don’t have it here at the beach so I have been relying on the web coverage to not miss anything.

    Did you catch the bronze medal match for women’s sabre on Saturday? Becca Ward was always homeschooled (except 1/2 of first grade). It added a fun dimension for the boys. I think you can find it online.


    We did love the opening ceremonies…I was amazed at the precision and the effects. Incredible.

    And yes, the men’s swimming…what fun to watch, on many different levels!

  3. Kath–lots of screaming here, too. I thought we were going to wake Sassy, for sure!

    Stephanie–I loved the sabre coverage. I used to fence in high school. Had no idea Becca was homeschooled–I’ll have to show this to the kids so we can give a little mental shout out to her. 🙂

    Men’s swimming…they should make the entire summer olympics one big swimfest. 🙂 Your’e right…so many different levels of yum, I mean, fun, going on. 😉

  4. your house sounds like mine (but w/o zoe’s running commentary…) esp for the relay and women’s gymnastics — we are also very into the soccer and volleyball and have family U S A chant sessions :0 lol!

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